Enterprise Meets Software-based Storage (SBS)

Today Scality and Dell announce our partnership to bring Software-based Storage to Enterprise.

It is indeed the formalization of the work accomplished together in serving joint customers such as Deluxe. We are very proud that a market leader such as Dell acknowledges the revolution we are bringing to the storage world. And more importantly we are delighted to make our joint value-proposition available to a wide range of Enterprise customers around the world.

To date, deployments on our Strategic Alliance partners HP and Dell represent more than 50% of Scality’s installed base around the world. In 65% of cases, large Enterprise and Service Providers choose to deploy the RING on 4U / 60 drives server form factor. So yes, the Hyper-scale players’ secret sauce is definitely getting a lot of traction in the Enterprise world. Indeed HP and Dell were originators of the modern-age datacenter design: software on industry-standard high-capacity servers. Actually IDC sees this particular storage market segment growing 3x faster than the conventional enterprise storage system market.

The trend continues to go down market. Again, inspiration comes from the Hyper-scale players; we at Scality productize their secret sauce. Early adopters were of course the service providers, Telco, Cable or large Web&Cloud players, like Dailymotion. Now large Enterprises and basically any Enterprise organization who faces petabyte-scale data storage challenges are open to this new approach of software on industry-standard hardware:

  • Media: Over the last 18 months we’ve seen great momentum in this vertical, for example, see one of our most recent videos with RTL II
  • Emerging Cloud services e.g. Internet-of-Things: a global industrial conglomerate relies on Scality RING to build their IoT Cloud services;
  • High Performance Computing in Research and Development: multiple labs (public and private ones) store vast amounts of unstructured data on object storage by Scality, building “active archives”
  • Government: US, UK, Germany and France government agencies have deployed petabyte-scale RING storage systems to handle the vast amounts of unstructured data generated in their Defense, Intelligence or Space missions, as opposed to using conventional storage appliances.
  • And Life Sciences (think genomics), Healthcare and Financial Services are surely next.

At the end of the day, we believe it is fair to say that the customers who will still operate their own datacenter 10 years down the road will all be in the dozens if not hundreds of petabyte swim lane from a storage standpoint. And at such scale you absolutely need freedom to pick your underlying hardware. That’s the modern Enterprise. The modern enterprise environment is evident within our first customer, Telenet, who shared the vision in 2010 and since then grew their RING 20x, mixing 5 different generations of servers into it.

Why “hardware freedom?” Because it drives better economics of course.

You want to dial your hardware configuration based on the capacity/performance/cost target of yours. That’s a very important aspect of our Strategic Alliance engagements (such as with Dell): broad servers portfolios allow us to jointly design systems covering a wide range of use cases. And “hardware freedom”  is also absolutely key to manage the growth of these large storage pools. Your classic hardware refresh on a 100TB cluster is simply unbearable from a strict operational standpoint, as soon as your storage pool size is multi-PB. And indeed you want to leverage hardware innovation as soon as it becomes available. You don’t want to wait 6 or 9 months for “certification” or “integration” testing to happen. This is where storage software that operates as a simple application on standard Linux makes a huge difference. Welcome to Scality.

We take a strong commitment to bring the RING to any Enterprise customer facing petabyte-scale storage challenges. Whatever they control their application stack and can natively leverage our object interfaces (RESTful, S3, Openstack Swift, CDMI, etc.) or rely on legacy applications requiring our Scale-Out File System (NFS, SMB).  To that end we’ve successfully launched over the last few months multiple initiatives typical of Enterprise products adoption:

  • Strategic Alliances with HP and now with Dell, offering to their customers a one-stop experience;
  • Open and online trial Scality.com/Trial;
  • Certification program for our Value-Added Resellers who want to participate servicing and supporting the RING.
  • Simplified pricing leading to predictable costs, solely tied to your usable capacity needs;
  • SLA-based contractual commitments on data durability and availability;
  • Opened offices in Japan, Asia-Pacific and other growing markets.

Stay tuned as we keep reaching out to petabyte-scale storage users around the globe, with the support of our strategic partners such as Dell. The revolution is on. Enterprise meets SBS.

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