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ARTESCA: Lightweight, cloud-native object storage

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Designed for applications core-to-edge 

ARTESCA is intuitive software that redefines object storage for the new cloud-native era. It provides both a small footprint at the edge and scalability for the data center.  Designed for fast access, anywhere data lives, ARTESCA transforms how DevOps manages and accesses data. It’s ideal for a new generation of applications, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.  ARTESCA uniquely combines lightweight, cloud-native object storage design with true enterprise-grade capabilities.

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    Lightweight, cloud-native

    Fully containerized, cloud-native design can be deployed starting as small as a single server and grown easily over time, anywhere data lives from core to edge. It comes packaged with Kubernetes for turnkey installation on bare metal servers.

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    Comprehensive monitoring and management UI, full API based automation, IAM multi-tenancy, security and data encryption.

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    Enhanced Ransomware Protection

    Support for Amazon S3 Object Lock API renders data immutable and provides for air-gapped, tamper-proof backup data that stays immune to ransomware, offering a robust and swift recovery path in case of an attack, thereby thwarting ransomware.

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    Fast object storage

    Amazon S3 API app-centric storage delivers high-performance with ultra-low latency and tens of GB/sec of throughput per server.

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    Adaptive and sustainable

    Providing the widest choice of deployment platforms, Artesca offers freedom of choice today, plus it’s adaptive and sustainable across future platform technology generations.

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    Single pane of glass management

    Multi-cloud data, workflow management, geo-replication and metadata search.

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    Superior data protection

    Highest levels of data durability through dual-layer erasure coding, provides fault tolerance without adding overhead — fast self-healing, plus integrated geographic replication.

An intuitive yet immersive User Interface

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    ARTESCA UI dashboard new
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    ARTESCA Architecture Diagram

Designed using cloud-native design principles to fit into the deployment and consumption patterns of new and emerging applications

ARTESCA is software for Kubernetes

  • Distributed, containerized services at all layers of the software stack
  • Stateless S3 data services for scale-out with standard load balancing
  • Reliable, strongly-consistent metadata service
  • Kubernetes on bare-metal servers for core and edge deployments

Dual-level data protection, plus disaster recovery

  • Distributed network erasure codes and local repair codes for durability and fast disk rebuilds
  • Up to eleven 9s data durability with efficiency and low overhead
  • Self-healing, checksums for data integrity assurance
  • Integrated geo-replication for D/R protection

Multi-tenancy and security

  • AWS IAM compatible multi-tenancy model with -Accounts, Users, Groups and Policies
  • AWS Signature v4 auth, access control via IAM policies
  • Object locking for data immutability
  • AES 256-bit encryption-at-rest, KMIP 1.2 compatible with popular Key Management Servers (KMS)
  • Secure network connections via HTTPS/SSL

    Learn how to support modern app development and easily manage your data with cloud-native object storage.
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    Randy Kerns of Evaluator Group gives an overview of how ARTESCA meets the demands of cloud-native apps.

    Learn how to solve data management challenges at the edge with modern object storage.

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ARTESCA Optional Licenses

NAS Archiver

Scality NAS Archiver seamlessly and transparently allows you to reclaim premium primary storage capacity. Cut down the backup footprint (and burden) required to protect data on the NAS. Learn more about NAS Archiver

Dedicated Care Service (DCS)

Remote monitoring, proactive maintenance with 100% SLA