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Powering data to advance human progress


Scality's highest purpose

Data is at the heart of human progress. The applications for file and object data are endless: Genomics research to find a cure, video files for the next binge-worthy series, industrial devices to improve manufacturing safety, medical imaging for faster diagnoses, or even autonomous cars using cameras and sensors to avoid accidents.  

At Scality we’ve built a data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age — together.  We put humans at the core of everything we build.  IT leaders work with us to handle the most complex data environments, designing solutions that unearth business insights. 


The art of scale

In an accelerated world with increasing complexity, we believe that managing data at massive scale requires an elevated sense of design and orchestration. Infused with human ingenuity, the future of data is not only a science but also an art form.

Why choose Scality?

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Defeating complexity and unearthing value from petabytes of data

The convergence of the cloud and a surging digital remote workforce is advancing digital transformation faster than ever before. This development has unleashed a tidal wave of unstructured data, new technologies, and overwhelming complexity. How do you find the right data to advance your business objectives? Where should your data live?  

At Scality, we have a unique approach to defeating complexity and unearthing the value of data. We call it sustainable adaptation — infrastructure that lasts generations yet adapts as fast as market innovation. 

Sustainable: Timeless by design


We keep any eye to the future so you don’t have to. Scality engineers put years of research into the design and structure of our data management platforms for enterprise-grade performance and longevity. If you started using the RING years ago, you’ve had zero migrations, interruptions, or forklift overhauls. That’s not a fluke — it’s by design.   

Adaptive: Extract data value, faster


To truly unlock the value of data, we believe that legacy requirements are just as important as rapid innovation — and we’re here to tackle both. There are over 30 object and file data management solutions on the market. Most of these only solve a part of the data conundrum, often quick short-term fixes to long-term, complex data management problems. 

Scality solutions adapt to your unique infrastructure, legacy platforms, and long-term business goals. We set you on a course for success with enterprise-grade solutions that grow with you, thanks to no vendor lock-in and integrations with over 200 ISVs to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions are built to adapt rapidly as your business and data needs expand  

Sustainable investment

  • 271%

    3-year ROI

  • 99%

    less downtime

  • 46%

    3-year lower cost of storage operations

Massive scale and performance

  • Multiple exabytes

    of storage capacity deployed

  • 1+ trillion

    user objects stored and protected

  • 1 PB

    stored per day on a single RING

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