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This large post production house has deployed a 1.5PB Scality RING as an origin server for all of their transcoded content. The origin server will be used by CDNs and other major VoD streaming providers.

Before they used the Scality RING, the content was stored in origin servers at the CDN provider. Given the volume of data, this was financially not sustainable. An additional problem was that the CDN provider did not allow for other content providers to access this data. By building their own origin server infrastructure, this post production house multiplies the potential for providers to use that content, therefore raising the monetization of those assets.

This customer had very high requirements for the platform and even considered EMC Isilon, but that solution turned out much too expensive and would not scale as needed. Scality RING met all the performance (10GbE line-rate throughput over NFS, and nearly that number from Windows clients over SMB) and scalability requirements while keeping the TCO within limits.

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