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By teaming up with SAP and Cisco – we’ve answered the call in a big (data) way

“It’s great to know that I now have choices that work for us, we can manage our data either on-premises, in or across clouds or all of the above. Predicting our data growth is tricky, and this reassures me that we can manage this uncertainty with no sacrifice in performance, at scale and take advantage of cost savings where we can.”

Sometimes presenting at a major conference is more rewarding than others. Today was one of those times. I was privileged to be asked to speak in Cisco’s booth at the 2018 SapphireNOW conference where I presented how Scality, a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner, is now a part of SAP Data Hub’s growing “on-premises” ecosystem together with Cisco – previewed here at SAP Sapphire.

Scality’s software defined storage combined with Cisco UCS S3260 servers adds “petabyte scale” to SAP Data Hub – and the best of object cloud storage on-premises.  SAP Data Hub runs on top of Cisco Container Platform: a simple container management platform and compatible with Google Cloud environment – all atop Cisco HyperFlex that integrates storage and compute in the safest and easiest way to deploy it. Scality augments this offering with elastic storage for unstructured data.

Till now, the concept had remained just that – a concept most of us were merely talking about. Based on the initial reactions we’ve received here at Sapphire, customers are now empowered to take action.

We’ve built the bridge between traditional “structured” data & modern “unstructured” data

The SAP Data Hub was designed to facilitate coordination between disparate data sources from enterprise data, including traditional SAP applications to modern unstructured big-data analytics from sources including IoT, logs, documents and public data – for complete orchestration, management and control of the full data landscape – and put it in the hands of the people who need faster time to insights

Persistent storage plays an important role in the form of object storage found in SAP’s public cloud and that of other providers. For the SAP customer that is not ready to go to public cloud, or has discomfort due to compliance, regulatory issues such as GDPR, or other constraints, our Scality RING software with Cisco UCS S3260 offers a compelling alternative as it brings high availability, security and scalability: key benefits customers have come to expect with the cloud value proposition.

With more and more data being generated by companies every day, the true value comes from extracting insight in a timely fashion and getting those insights to those who can make business decisions.  Where this data is stored should not be a determining factor for the value the business can derive from it.

Technology snapshot of the on-premises SAP Data Hub offering:

SAP Data Hub for governance and orchestration.

Cisco HyperFlex: for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (combining storage and compute)

Cisco Cloud Container Platform brings the Google Kubernetes experience on-premises.

Cisco UCS S3260 (high density server) that when combined with Scality RING object storage brings petabyte scale storage.

SAP, Cisco and Scality deliver the best of the cloud, on-premises

The integration of Scality with Cisco and SAP Data Hub provides customers with the analytical insight necessary for today’s modern decision makers. The public cloud has long handled the storage demands for many data transformational projects. Scality delivers best of public cloud storage, on-premises in providing the following benefits:


Without knowing how big your pool of data will become, Scality offers storage that scales according to the needs of your business.


Scality guarantees 100% uptime ensuring data durability. The safety and security of your data is central to our business.


As the pool of data grows, the cost of storing your data can become prohibitive. The public cloud is often cited as a cost-effective data storage option. Scality offers that same economy for on-premises storage.


A key pain point behind this initiative was our customers need for a data storage and analytics solution that meet stringent compliance codes. Scality adheres to these requirements and optimizes your security policies accordingly.

Freedom & control for those who want to unlock the power of data

It is quite liberating to be able to offer both freedom and control to those customers who have identified the business need for greater data insights, but who have thus far been restricted. Together with Cisco’s Container Platform, users can easily stand up a turnkey, curated and fully supported container management platform and run SAP’s Data Hub in a containerized manner.

In sharing the news of Scality’s offering at SapphireNOW, we got a real feel for how this solution supports innovation while keeping data secure (Scality supports data encryption at rest) as people discussed what possibilities this solution might present for their business. With that in mind, we will continue the conversation about what this solution means for your business and share more about what it means for the future of data storage, optimization and business value.

On a final note, most of the customers we meet have never managed these kinds of data volumes before and comfortably managing petabytes of data on a single system is a real sea-change for IT departments.

If you didn’t attend our session at SapphireNOW and want to learn more, we will be at Cisco Live! Next week at the Orange County Convention Center on Booth #1434. Hope to see some of you there.

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