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Dan Grimaldi Architect at Scality

Dan Grimaldi Scality American Architect former Technical Account Manager

Dan Grimaldi (see his portrait published on our blog last year) has changed position since last January. He tells us about his new role and the reasons why he wanted his career to evolve.

Tell us about your new position…

Previously, as technical account manager, I was assisting certain big clients in installing and using our software. After doing that job for two years, I felt a bit isolated working on my own. I wanted to learn new things, see the bigger picture and be more involved in the company’s success. Today, as lead architect for the US office, I really feel that I have reached these goals. My current role is to make sure that the software architecture that we provide is tailor-made for every single client. When my colleagues in the sales team are going to make a deal with a customer, I’m there to answer any technical questions they could have about the solution that will be installed.

What do you like best about your new job?

I really appreciate the relationship I have with my colleagues and the fact that I can help them make the right decisions. I always make sure that everybody is prepared and has all the information they need before they go to talk to a customer. I also let them know that they can call me anytime they want if they need anything. As a lot of my coworkers work remotely, I get in touch with them often to find out how they’re doing.

How do you see your future at Scality?

I’ve been in the company for five years now and I am really happy and proud of what I’ve accomplished. During this time, I have enjoyed three different roles. Right now, I’m very focused on my private life as I’m soon to be a father. However I still keep in the back of my mind the idea of progressing to the next stage one day: managing a team.


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