Molotov TV

Scality RING supports more than one million Molotov TV subscribers


In a business where user experience is as important as content, Molotov keeps subscribers watching without interruption

Led by a group of established French media alumni, Molotov was launched to “reinvent television.” Aiming to turn the traditional TV grid inside-out with extensive search and organization capabilities, the service provides access to more than 80 TV channels live and on-demand, covering all major French TV networks. Plus, all content is available on consumers’ device of choice.

With more than one million new subscribers in its first six months of operations, the lean development and operations teams are continuously adding new channels and innovating with features such as bookmarks for programming. This is a start-up that does not stand still.

The challenge

What’s special about Molotov is also what makes its operations a challenge. Subscribers can view any content from its channel partners live, as it’s aired on the broadcast network, and on-demand for a set period of time. The development team built a proprietary live streaming system and looked for a massively scalable, reliable storage system for its catch-up service.

Molotov was acutely aware of its unique requirements for success. As a startup with big plans, they knew that they needed a storage infrastructure that scales — fast and big — with “just-in-time” agility to grow with them and ensure the best subscriber experience. 

Driven by increasing subscriber numbers and content from a growing list of TV network partners, the storage system needed to balance TCO with the ability to deliver: It had to meet key stability metrics, ambitious performance targets, and be easy to maintain without downtime. 

  • “Using the Scality RING as our storage system ensures that content retrieval is quick and efficient and is always available. Subscribers get what they want, where and when they want.”

    Jean-David Blanc CEO, Molotov

The outcome

Since its operational debut, Scality RING has met or exceeded all performance targets set by Molotov, and — like any high-performance tool — it was fine-tuned to their requirements. The shared common namespace of the Scality RING allowed Molotov to use built-in, market standard protocols, such as NFS for adding content and CDMI for streaming it. 

Storing content is important, but Molotov’s business is built on delivering it — and that’s where they measure success. The Scality RING in Molotov’s data center has been fully available since service launch. During this time, in addition to more than tripling the storage footprint, Molotov executed a major release upgrade of the Scality RING software — a hot upgrade in full operation with no interruption of service.

The bottom line: With Scality RING, Molotov delivers on its video quality KPIs and provides “television everywhere.” Molotov’s Scality RING storage now supports more than one million subscribers, each using the service 80 minutes per day on average. 

  • “Scality is key to the success of Molotov. We don’t just get storage infrastructure. Their strong partnerships, top-notch personnel and key industry expertise were instrumental in delivering the perfect platform. To top it off, the economies and flexibility of the Scality RING have a great effect on the bottom line.”

    Thomas Sangouard CIO, Molotov
  • Easy scalability

    Molotov has already more than tripled their initial storage footprint, with zero downtime
  • Service continuity & reliability

    Success depends on subscribers having 24x7x365 access to content — Scality delivers.
  • Low TCO

    Molotov estimates 33% upfront savings compared to other object stores they evaluated.