Com Hem

Triple-play provider relies on Scality RING for efficient, always-available content distribution


The company switched systems to keep their growing VoD business competitive, and it's reaping the benefits

Com Hem is a triple-play provider — offering cable television, fixed-line telephone and broadband internet — with service to 40% of the homes in Sweden. A leading player in a competitive market, Com Hem is on a mission to transform its business entirely around what its customers want and need.

The challenge

Com Hem understands the critical importance of storage to their business. An outage with their legacy storage vendor and the lackluster support they received drastically reduced their confidence. Plus, redundancy had to be added — and that would’ve been prohibitively expensive. A new solution was needed.

When Com Hem started looking to replace the legacy scale-up storage system that housed their media content, two critical requirements were top of mind: lower cost and increased resiliency.

  • “Knowing that if we lost a data center, we’d be fine is really key. That helps us sleep at night.”

    Jacob Morgan, Head of data center, Com Hem

The outcome

Ensuring content availability on-demand at a competitive price is at the heart of Com Hem’s success, and Scality RING is helping make it happen.

Com Hem has seen what they described as a “huge reduction in cost per terabyte” versus what was spent on their legacy storage, with the added benefit of efficient resiliency thanks to Scality RING’s erasure coding.

Support for both native file and object interfaces are a key requirement as well, for integration with the multiple technologies that Com Hem uses to deliver live OTT, catch-up and video-on-demand products. By having the software separate from the hardware, they can choose different levels of support for each.

Having installed their initial Scality RING in early 2016, Com Hem has already expanded the storage footprint. As their business grows and their content libraries expand, Com Hem’s storage can now easily grow alongside their needs without disruption.  

  • Low TCO

    In addition to improved service, Com Hem has seen “huge reduction in cost per terabyte” compared to their legacy storage.
  • Resilience & reliability

    Knowing that they can lose a data center with zero downtime, zero data loss creates invaluable peace of mind.
  • Expertise

    From early meetings forward, Scality impressed Com Hem’s team with their expertise on both business and technical levels.