Scality RING Ensures
Data Availability for World’s
Largest Electric Utility



After analyzing several alternatives, EDF chose software-defined Scality RING object storage to deliver strong, resilient storage for multiple use cases at half the cost of competitive solutions.

  • Unmatched security data availability Scality RING

    Stability, Availability &

    This is EDF’s #1 concern. Access to data is vital to success.


  • Lower TCO

    Low TCO

    EDF is recognizing a 50% cost reduction using Scality RING versus competitors.


  • Scality RING unparalleled scaling

    Easy Scalability with no Downtime

    Growth = success. Storage must scale without service interruption as availability is paramount.


Award-Winning Innovation

While IT is a small organization within the massive EDF group, it bears a great deal of responsibility. Ruggero Gatti’s team was recently presented an award for innovation—and the innovation that generated the honor was their deployment of the Scality RING.

“They consider lots of ideas at the production level for these awards,” said Ruggero Gatti, Data Management Engineer at EDF. “The idea is to recognize that even in a big, conventional organization, we can innovate.”

The first use cases for EDF’s use of Scality RING are Backup (stretched across two datacenters) and Big Data (offloading more costly primary storage as a data lake).

Discover Scality RING for Backup


Solution Components

Software-Defined Storage

  • Scality RING with File and Object Storage Interfaces
  • Geo-distributed across two sites

Storage Hardware

  • 12 HPE Apollo 4200 and 6 HPE DL380 gen 9 12LFF storage servers

Third-Party Applications

  • Dell EMC NetWorker, ElasticSearch