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Content Distribution (or Content Delivery) refers to providing digital data to geographically distributed end users. Content Distribution can be in support of scale-out web applications or for digital media streaming services, including new non-linear content distribution models such as NDVR/NPVR and VoD.

Key in the delivery of much of digital data is the service provided by Content Distribution Networks (CDNs). The architecture of a CDN, described in the simplest form, consists of two essential storage components: Origin Servers, which contain all the data, and Edge Servers, which are smaller faster servers, deployed closer to users and serve as a cache. Origin Servers are typically deployed in a smaller number of datacenters and can contain multiple petabytes of data.

To reduce their TCO, many content owners/providers are now building their own Origin Servers infrastructure instead of paying storage subscription fees to the CDN provider. This also enables to offer new content services, and to stream content through multiple CDN providers using least cost routing and more content streaming providers.

Scality RING for Content Distribution

Scality enables organizations to build scalable distribution infrastructures that meet all the performance requirements for high definition media streaming at a fraction of the cost of storage at CDN providers as well as enabling new non-linear content distribution models.


Key RING Benefits

  • High throughput for streaming HD content
  • Unlimited, linear scalability
  • Low TCO through efficient storage usage and simple management

Why choose Scality RING for Content Distribution?

Accessibility: Scality RING enables content owners to stream data through multiple content providers

Cost: Scality RING is cheaper than CDNs and public cloud services, with no hidden bandwidth costs

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