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Last week, HPE and Intel invited Scality to the fifth Cloud28+ community meet-up in Amsterdam. Cloud28+ is “an open community of Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Resellers, ISVs, System Integrators and government entities dedicated to accelerating entreprise cloud adoption across EMEA.”  The initiative was started by HPE to bring together organizations for information exchange and business development, and to provide an online catalogue of trusted cloud services.

Two key pillars of Cloud28+ are an offering of cloud platforms and a catalogue of applications. The platforms include HPE Helion, Docker, Microsoft Azure and the Scality RING; the catalogue features applications from application providers such as Ctera, iTernity, SME and Veeam, many of which are Scality application partners (more Cloud28+ partners here).

The Cloud28+ event in Amsterdam was extremely well attended. For the most part, the audience consisted of Service providers, but I definitely see a future for this initiative to expand into the enterprise. Service Providers are innovators. They were the first to embrace virtualization and cloud computing, and they continue to innovate. If this is a success, enterprise will follow without a doubt.

Scality was invited to present as part of the Cloud28+ ISV track, and it immediately became very clear that this ecosystem is a natural fit for Scality. The RING as a storage platform is an obvious enabler for many of the technologies offered in Cloud28+:

  • A wide choice of Scality RING connectors enables service providers to integrate any application, using file, object or OpenStack protocols.
  • Cloud Service Providers have full freedom in hardware choice (now and in the future) for their Scality RING so they can optimize for cost, density or performance.
  • Scality enables Service Providers to be competitive AND profitable with storage costs as low as $0.01/GB/month.
  • The RING can scale in all dimensions, including total storage volume, number of objects, users, sites, applications and performance.
  • The RING meets Service Provider application and SLA availability requirements: the Scality RING was designed for 100% uptime environments.

Companies such as SFR (FR) and Axez (NL) already use the RING to run multiple cloud applications for internal and external customers. Telenet (BE) has been running the RING for 6 years without any downtime, not even for maintenance or (hardware and software) upgrades.

Cloud28+ is not the first Cloud ecosystem initiative but it is definitely the most complete. The inclusion and promotion of platforms such as OpenStack, Docker and the Scality RING, which all integrate with the ISV applications, add tremendous value. The quick adoption of this initiative over the first 6 months of its existence is more than promising. Scality is very excited to be part of this.

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