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Caroline Bouchard

“The biggest reason I came to work at Scality—four years ago—was the people. They are smart, they are motivated and if I’m better at my job now it’s only because I’ve learned a lot from them.” Caroline Bouchard is a very modest and appreciative person who wants to give back as much as she has been given.

Caroline Bouchard Development Engineer at ScalityAs a support and service engineer, Caroline helps the other engineers, who are directly in contact with the customers, to fix any problems that can appear after Scality’s software has been installed. “I like being someone who people can rely on and helping them to improve. I don’t want to just find solutions, I want to give the engineers the knowledge needed so that they can solve problems by themselves in the future,” she confides.

The way Caroline teaches people has not gone unnoticed. At the end of last year, she was asked to join a new team, where she is now helping not only the engineers in the United States but also those all around the world.

In her new role, Caroline can use another one of her talents, that of programming. Since her beginnings at Scality she already created, from her own ideas, several tools to improve the clients’ experience with the company’s software. Right now, she is developing a new monitoring system to detects problems as soon as they appear.

In the future, Caroline wants to carry on giving Scality her best as well as continuing to enjoy a special relationship with her colleagues. “I always try my best to keep people smiling and having fun, even in difficult situations. Outside work, I like to introduce them to my favorite restaurants to share good food and good wine. It makes us all feel like we’re in this together,” she shares.

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