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Bradley King Founder and Architect at Scality Story on Career Evolution

Bradley King is a multifaceted man. As one of the co-founders of Scality and the first sales engineer of the company, he has always had the ability to understand both the way to create good software and how to respond to the needs of the customers.

In his previous role of chief architect, which he occupied for six years, Bradley oversaw all the sales engineers in the start-up. His versatility enabled him to teach his team how the Scality software works, how to convince the customers that the product is made for them, and in turn listen carefully in order to tailor make the best architecture possible.

Today, Bradley can express his multi-skilled talent in a new role, that of chief engineer architect. Working with all the engineers he shows them the way to make Scality software evolve, add more features to it and make it more efficient. From his previous experience, he knows that in this task it’s crucial to always keep the customers’ demands in mind. From his background as a scientist in numerical simulations, he also knows that in order to make good technical decisions, it’s important to constantly keep an eye on the latest software industry trends.
Bradley King Chief Engineer Architect at Scality one of several career evolution stories
“Not many people are as inquisitive as Bradley. At 57 years old, he has the curiosity and the energy of a 25-year old,” says one of his colleagues.

In his new role, Bradley can use another of his qualities: being someone who brings people together. “I want everybody to feel they are all working in the same direction. I encourage people to share their ideas so that we can all talk about them and find solutions together,” he confides.

For Bradley, it’s been like a new beginning. “After several years in the sales department, it’s really exciting to get back into technical challenges. What I like the most is the fact that I can influence the way we continue to innovate to make Scality software even better,” he concludes.

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