Zenko 1.0 is a finalist for Storage Magazine’s Product Of The Year award

Zenko 1.0 is a finalist for Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year Awards in the Cloud and Software-defined Storage category

We continue to be pretty excited with the success of Scality’s new Zenko Cloud Data Controller, and the buzz it’s creating. Enterprise customers feel the pain of navigating and managing data in a multi-cloud world, to be sure, and the editors at Tech Target’s Storage Magazine and SearchStorage.com see the value of Zenko in soothing that pain.They see it clearly enough to make Scality a finalist in Storage Magazine Products of the Year 2018 for Zenko 1.0 in the Cloud and Software-define Storage category.

In her an article about the finalists, Carol Sliwa said of Zenko:

Zenko provides a unified interface to enable users to store, manage and search data spanning multiple clouds. The product stores data in the native format so customers can directly access and act on it. Zenko facilitates advanced metadata search capabilities across storage locations. An extensible workflow engine facilitates policy-based data migration and management over multiple clouds. The software deploys through the Kubernetes orchestration framework. Open source and enterprise editions are available.”

They’re judging entries on innovation, performance, ease of integration, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value. Zenko brings it all! Here’s a link to the full list of finalists across categories. Watch for us in the winner’s dais when they announce in February.

Don’t know about it yet? Zenko is available in both open source and enterprise versions – learn more about Zenko Enteprise here. Try the open source version of Zenko right now!

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