Making the World a Better Place

People often ask me what it takes to become an entrepreneur and make money. It is the wrong question. Few entrepreneurs have succeeded when money was the initial driver. Obviously, any business must make money, to pay its employees and deliver a return to shareholders, but for most successful entrepreneurs, this was not the initial question. First and foremost, successful entrepreneurs are convinced that the world can become a better place with the product or service that they will provide, so the first question should be “How am I going to change the world I live in?” Money only comes.
Jérôme Lecat
In Part 1 of this post, I began a discussion of the current Digital Transformation, tracing its lineage as the latest of a series of upheavals dating back to the industrial revolution. I also outlined some of the far-reaching changes that AI, machine learning, and the Internet are already bringing about. Part 2 As the leader of a company at the epicenter of this vortex of change, and someone with an abiding interest in fostering an ever-more compassionate and humane society, I think about the Digital Transformation and its implications every day. As with previous epoch-changing events, I see it.
Digital Transformation
Jérôme Lecat

Fast-Forwarding Enterprise Backup

A revolution is in the offing for one of the most time-honored and familiar IT rituals: data backup. As Digital Business continues to multiply the volume of incoming data, the average enterprise backup has reached a petabyte or more in scale.
Jérôme Lecat
“I’m Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. I am extremely excited to share with you a massive transformation that will affect every one of us, in our personal lives, and in every business in every industry. This change is how data storage is done. In the next couple minutes, our customers, our partners, our shareholders, and our leadership team will talk to you about this massive change, and about how Scality is at the core of it.”
Erwan Menard
Giorgio Regni
Hewlett Packard
Jérôme Lecat
Jim Dawson
Joseph George
Marc Shapiro
Mark Muehl
Mark Siegel
Menlo Ventures
The Cloud is changing the way companies and employees operate. Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality, Inc., told theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s production team, at OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015 that it’s important for companies to collaborate during this transition. “We believe that a few years from now, five to 10 years from now, the people running infrastructure will run infrastructure large scale,” he said. “If you have a small scale system, you’ll just outsource it to the Cloud. You’ll use a Cloud service whether it’s Salesforce … or Office 365. So the people running infrastructure will be doing it large-scale, and they.
Jérôme Lecat
OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2015

A 3-minute overview of Scality

Our CEO, Jerome Lecat, gives a 3-minute overview of Scality covering the market, the benefits of the Scality RING product, what kinds of customers and use cases we serve, and how we differentiate from our competitors. Definitely worth three minutes of your time!
Jérôme Lecat