Scality’s partner Bitmovin provides a dedicated service, enabling live and on demand encoding of videos into adaptive bitrate formats such as MPEG-DASH and HLS in the cloud. This service comes with a comprehensive API that allows seamless integration into any video workflow. Recently Bitmovin released a managed on-premise encoding solution on top of Kubernetes and Docker that works for VoD and Live and offers the same features as their cloud encoding service. Managed on-premises encoding offers the benefits of Software as a Service solution while utilizing your own infrastructure. With the release of their managed on-premises encoding, Bitmovin also released.
Video Encoding
When people think of securing data, their thought process usually begins and ends with encryption.  Encryption is a great start but it is certainly not the end of an organization’s journey to properly secure their data. Along the long road to achieving security greatness should come a stop for talks about compliance. In this blog, I will take you on a quick journey about what is commonly needed for compliance with a cloud storage solution. There are many different regulatory rules out there that organizations are using. For example, HIPAA is a set of security rules and safeguards that must.

Have You Caught up with Oscar Yet?

It’s been a few weeks since the 2017 Academy Awards. Knowing which titles and artists made the list of winners is as easy as a quick look through the WINNERS & NOMINEES list on the Oscar’s website, but that’s just a jumping-off (or jumping-in) point.  Film lovers want to see, at minimum, the winning titles and artists.  Many tried to get through all of the nominees before the February 26th extravaganza, but that’s an ominous task to complete in the short period between the Janary 24th nominations announcements and the February 26th awards.  So, there are lots of die-hard movie.
Nearline Archive
Video Distribution
Lots of companies claim social responsibility – and they’re doing important things to support that, like recycling, reducing energy usage, donation-matching and more.  Real heart comes from an even deeper place.  Having heart means being centered, being compassionate, and, for a company to have heart, it needs to be nourishing its employees and the community in the same way that a human heart pushes oxygen out to the extremities. I’m privileged to work for a company that has heart.  The motto of my company, Scality, is “Work hard, play hard, eat well…and amaze the customer.”  It goes so far beyond.
Scality Culture
When Scality chooses to open source a project, it goes all the way: the open source S3 Server provides you with a fully equipped container to run your own private S3 storage. For free. No questions asked, no expectations from us. We’re simply sharing our efforts to make the storage world a better place with a larger audience. And it’s a success: in 8 months, Scality S3 Server was downloaded over 100K times! Today, numbers indicate we have a fairly large community of individual users who know about us, and who use our open-source Scality S3 Server. But we have.
Scality S3 Server Community
Two weeks ago, we announced that there would be regular technical tutorials coming up to leverage the use cases of our open-source Scality S3 Server. We started with explaining how to set up SSL, a protocol that enhances security when communicating with Scality S3 Server. Today, we want to help you use Duplicity, an open-source tool, with Scality S3 Server, in order to save backup space in your storage. Duplicity allows you to backup a compressed version of your files (a tarball), which is the first way it saves you disk space. The second way appears when you want to.

Cloud Out.

The downside of using some cloud storage services like Amazon S3 is getting the data out.  That concern is about cost—usually—but recently, it became about access.  Period.  Reports that Amazon S3 was “unresponsive” started pouring in on the last day of February, 2017.  Issues with a US East region instance lasted for hours. While there were no reports of data loss as of this writing, data access was impacted. Loss, even if temporary, impacts business. This may—should—prompt data managers to take a hard look at their “best practices”, and where they put their critical data. We work hard to ensure.
AWS outage
Downtime has been a plague on IT for as long as IT has existed. And the risks and consequences have become more severe than ever in the age of 24×7 operations, global ecommerce, and unified platforms across geographies. If your system goes down, so does your business, along with the hard-won trust and goodwill of your customers. No wonder nearly half of top IT pros rank downtime as their #1 problem. It’s everyone’s dream to be rid of it for good. Well, it’s time to break out the champagne—because zero downtime just became a reality. No misprint here: It gives.
Scality HALO Cloud Monitor

Making the World a Better Place

People often ask me what it takes to become an entrepreneur and make money. It is the wrong question. Few entrepreneurs have succeeded when money was the initial driver. Obviously, any business must make money, to pay its employees and deliver a return to shareholders, but for most successful entrepreneurs, this was not the initial question. First and foremost, successful entrepreneurs are convinced that the world can become a better place with the product or service that they will provide, so the first question should be “How am I going to change the world I live in?” Money only comes.
Jérôme Lecat
This is truly a momentous occasion for Team Scality. For those who don’t know what ‘pulls’ are, they are, in fact, downloads. Our open source Scality S3 Server has been accessed 100,000 times in just about 8 months, something we did not expect in this time frame. We are ecstatic. We couldn’t be more proud of the team who have devoted more than a year of their time and effort to help us mark this accomplishment. But, what is Scality S3 Server? It’s an Amazon Web Services-compatible open source object storage server. The code is written in Node.js. It is.
What is the Course du Coeur? It’s a special relay race over 4 days and 4 nights where teams of 12 runners cover the distance between Paris and the French Alps. But more importantly it is an occasion to run a race that raises awareness about organ donation. The enterprises entering the race make a donation to Trans’Forme, an NGO promoting physical activity to people who’ve received an organ transplant. One of the teams taking part to the race is made of only runners who have had organ transplants. The race is an occasion to show transplantation is not necessarily.
Course du Coeur
Michel, my Dad, is an IBMer. By now he is retired, but I guess he still is and always will be an IBMer. Having grown up in a farm on the West coast of France, he found his way to an Engineering school in a booming field in the 60s: electronics. Right after that he joined IBM for a drive lasting 36 great years. He grew as an engineer and a leader on multiple assignments, including 3 years in the USA which changed his life and that of our family. While the attributes of IBM in the 70s and 80s.
Company Culture
Erwan Menard
2016 was a stellar year. Unambiguous confirmation from the top analysts of our position as leader in the object storage industry, record-breaking revenue growth and massive numbers of new and upgrade installations have kept us very busy right up to New Year’s Eve. We did manage to slip in a little bit of quiet time at the beginning of the year and hope you have also had the opportunity to relax with friends and family.

Getting Backup Storage Back on Track

Big Data is where the world is heading, and that means “Big Backup” too. With incoming data volumes expanding daily, large enterprise backups are starting to push a petabyte or more. This creates new problems, or rather, exacerbates old familiar ones. Conventional backup platforms are hardware-centric, which makes them vulnerable to the unavoidable failure of a small fraction of disk drives. At modest backup volumes, the resulting downtime, delay, and rebuilds are irritating and inconvenient. At large scale, they become untenable. And this is goading IT to action. Fortunately, an ideal solution is at hand, and it’s not a matter.
2016 has been a banner year for object-based storage (which we’ll refer to here as “OBS”). Thanks to recent advances, OBS platforms can now address a range of use cases beyond just backup and archive—including mobility, analytics, compliance, and media rendering and production. As the IDC MarketScape says, “The storage market is making strides in grasping what OBS is all about, and adopting it.”* According to a separate IDC forecast, OBS capacity will grow at a CAGR of 30.7% from 2016 to 2020, reaching 293.7EB in 2020. Likewise, OBS market revenue is expected to hit $19.8 billion that same year.**.
IDC MarketScape
object storage
On November 18th 2016, software and release engineers converged on Seattle for the RELENG Conference. This conference looks at best practices and innovation in release engineering. Scality’s release engineering team were there and presented an innovative new release process. Congratulations to our Scality team members: Rayene Benrayana, Sylvain Killian, Nicolas Trangez, and Arnaud Calmettes. Releasing products with quality, speed, and innovative features is a major challenge for large software projects. About a year ago, we initiated a project to enhance our release process. We wanted to have an agile, continuous delivery model. We set out to radically change our approach,.
Continuous Delivery
open source

Countdown: 3, 2, 1… Go!

With over 100% growth, a full list of features, and a rather robust ecosystem, the pace of innovation and transformation is showing no signs of slowing down at AWS re:Invent 2016. New services, expanded capabilities, and rich features are accelerating a broad spectrum of tools, solutions, and sheer capacity offered by Amazon AWS. AWS re:Invent 2016 is off to a great start, and so is Scality. Scality launched its open source Scality S3 Server on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Completely free and AWS S3-compatible, the power of scale-out multi-petabyte object storage technology is now available with a single mouse click..
In Part 1 of this post, I began a discussion of the current Digital Transformation, tracing its lineage as the latest of a series of upheavals dating back to the industrial revolution. I also outlined some of the far-reaching changes that AI, machine learning, and the Internet are already bringing about. Part 2 As the leader of a company at the epicenter of this vortex of change, and someone with an abiding interest in fostering an ever-more compassionate and humane society, I think about the Digital Transformation and its implications every day. As with previous epoch-changing events, I see it.
Digital Transformation
Jérôme Lecat
By Tom Leyden, Vice President of Global Partner Marketing at Scality The Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) is an invaluable resource for the Scality product marketing team, as it gives an incredibly good overview of trends and evolution for digital businesses. As you might expect, the VNI focuses on the phenomenal growth in global IP network traffic, its causes, and its implications, mainly for Cisco’s networking solutions portfolio. But it also offers great insights into storage industry trends, especially for cloud and object storage, where Scality and Cisco have joined forces. With our joint cloud and object storage solution, Cisco.
As you read this, thousands of developers all over the world, inside enterprises big and small, are digging into our Amazon S3 API all the way down to the source code. We can’t wait to see what they create! It’s only a matter of time, and we’re nudging things forward. Find out for yourself what everyone’s raving about: get hands-on with Scality S3 Server now. Why the world is coming to open source From the smallest of seedlings, open source has grown into THE innovation engine for IT. It’s no mystery why: lower development and operational costs, faster time to.
Scality Named a Leader in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage Gartner has just released its first “MQ” on this combined storage segment. We’re proud to be recognized as a leader. And we believe that our exclusive expertise and innovation in this market play a significant role. With enterprise data volumes growing every year, and much of it unstructured, we’ve seen more and more enterprises switch to distributed file systems and object storage. Buyers now treat the two markets as one. In noting this trend, Gartner observes, “In many cases, customers seeking solutions in.
Gartner Magic Quadrant

Tape Archiving: the Case to Replace

Long-term data retention in the Digital Age For several generations of storage professionals,  tape backup has been the IT equivalent of Sisyphus forever pushing a huge boulder up a hill. It still is. Despite vendors’ best efforts to innovate, data quantities always seem to grow faster than tape capacity. This is truer than ever today. Digital Business is driving an exponential expansion of data volumes, to the point where the average backup hovers at around a petabyte. The trouble with tape backup. How about an alternate scenario: Eliminate tape drives and offsite rotation completely, and archive data on disk drives.
NAS alternative
Tape archive

Scale UP Storage While Downsizing Costs

Forrester study confirms remarkable savings The storage requirements of Digital Business are formidable: support for diverse workloads, scalability to multiple petabytes, high performance, durability, and—last but certainly not least—a sensible price tag to purchase, operate, and maintain. Legacy storage systems can’t meet these criteria, and it’s no mystery why: they were never designed to. That’s why so many large and growing enterprises are in the market for alternatives. Promises, Promises… Any storage vendor can talk about savings, and most of them do. But what can they actually deliver in the real world? Forrester set out to answer this question in.
Forrester TEI Study
I was reading a great article recently called “What separates us from the animals?” by Thomas Suddendorf. In it, he looks at the key differences between humans and animals but interestingly distills those difference down to just two: our open-ended ability to imagine and reflect on different situations our deep-seated drive to link our scenario-building minds together We’re an incredibly innovative and creative people, who also have an amazing ability to bond together and solve great challenges. It is with these thoughts in mind that I decided to join Scality as Chief Marketing Officer. I wanted to join a team.
Internet of Things
Petabyte Storage
petabyte-scale storage
Software Defined Storage

Scality at IBC 2016

If we could sum up IBC 2016 in one word, it would be GROWTH. With the exploding volumes of data in the video and entertainment industries, storage has become a critical element. Scality is at the forefront of helping companies solve their storage needs today, and plan for the future. We have been rapidly expanding our partnerships and are now integrated with 45 (and counting) industry-leading application partners in order to provide true end-to-end solutions. See Our Full Recap Our show recap page features video interviews with our key media and entertainment partners such as Aspera, Elemental Technologies, HPE, and.

Fast-Forwarding Enterprise Backup

A revolution is in the offing for one of the most time-honored and familiar IT rituals: data backup. As Digital Business continues to multiply the volume of incoming data, the average enterprise backup has reached a petabyte or more in scale.
Jérôme Lecat
AWS has achieved incredible traction with services such as S3 for a wide variety of cloud application and service provider businesses. However, for many service providers and enterprise corporations who require an on-premises deployment model in order to maintain control over sensitive data, for performance optimization, or for reasons of security or compliance – Scality’s new S3 Connector for the RING provides an optimal solution. The S3 Connector offers a solution that is application-compatible with AWS S3 at both the data API level and also with the rapidly evolving AWS multi-tenancy model termed IAM (Identity and Access Management). Our S3.
Scality S3 Connector
Last week, Scality announced that it is now a Preferred Solution Partner within the Cisco Solution Partner Program. In case you missed it, you can see the full announcement here. This is Scality’s third major announcement about partnerships with major hardware vendors. To recap: October 16th, 2014 – Scality and HPE Enter Global Reseller Agreement August 18th, 2015 – Scality and Dell Enter Global Reseller Agreement January 12th, 2016 – Scality and HPE Strengthen Relationship with Strategic Equity Investment, Engineering Collaboration and Sales Programs April 19th, 2016 – Scality and Dell Combine Engineering Efforts and Release the SD7000-S; the Densest.
Scality-S3 Server