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Why complicate things when they can be simple ? Nobody defends this idea better than Mathieu Antoine. As a senior product manager, a new role he took on nine months ago, Mathieu’s mission is to simplify the customer’s experience with Scality’s software, and he puts all his energy and determination into this very important task.

Mathieu has a lot of experience in helping the customers as he has worked in operations and customer service for the last 15 years. Having been at Scality since the beginning of the start-up, he established the technical services team in the US in 2013. Mathieu also has expansive knowledge of the company’s software, as he helped to design it.

Mathieu Antoine Senior Product Manager ScalityDuring the years spent with clients, Mathieu became aware that, despite the fact that the product was really powerful, it was also just too difficult to install and to use. So he pushed to simplify things. Therefore it was only natural that he was given this new mission. His role is to explain to the engineers what the clients need in order to make their Scality experience the easiest possible. “Everything must be simple for the customers. Daily operations should be just a click away, that’s our motto,” he says.

Today Mathieu is really happy in his new job. Despite the challenges he has to deal with, he knows that his mission is crucial for the start-up to attract new clients. “I want Scality to be more successful and I want to contribute to its success even more than before. With my new role, I really believe that I can have a great impact,” he concludes.

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