Erik Julin: Taking up the Challenge


Erik Julin Senior Technical Director Scality

Erik Julin (see his portrait published on our blog last year) has been given a wider role recently. He tells us about his new responsibilities and what they bring him.

Tell us about your new role…

Until a few months ago, I was working in one specific area : email storage. My role was to figure out what our customers and partners needed and then help them build a solution that would best meet their requirements. I’m still doing that today but as we had so much success in that market, I’ve been given a completely new area to work in as well, where I have to develop the business.

How are you going to achieve that?Erik Julin Technical Director Storage Expert

In the email market, my approach was straightforward : I built trusting relationships with a few clients, thanks to my technical expertise on the subject. Once I had had some key success with these specific customers, I was able to find more opportunities and therefore develop a larger business, using partners to accelerate adoption. This model has been really successful and I want to reuse it in the new market space that I’m working on.

What do you like best in your new role?

I had been working in storage for more than 20 years, with a major focus on email, and I needed to do something new. The technology I’m responsible for now is totally different. I’ve only touched it superficially during my career. This is something that I have to really dig in and learn a lot more about, both on the technical and the business side. It’s exciting and it keeps the challenge going. I love that and I am really looking forward to figuring out how to solve these new challenges to succeed.


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