Dailymotion Embraces the Object Storage Elephant in the Room— Viewers May Not See it, But it’s There

With more than 600 million eyeballs glued to Dailymotion-distributed video content every month, the Paris-based company grows 30 percent annually and is second only to YouTube in user traffic. It knows software-defined object storage assures the required high performance, boundless scalability, guaranteed availability, straightforward administration—able to be handled by a mere handful of staff, and low TCO. It animates customer satisfaction. And the company stakes its business on it.

But what do its 300 million unique monthly users know about object storage? Probably…nothing. They do know that they can easily find and watch 3.5 billion videos anytime, anywhere, and without interruption and that’s the important thing for both them and Dailymotion. Object storage may be the impalpable pachyderm in the room, but it keeps viewers coming back for more.

Dailymotion routinely expands the Scality RING object storage back-end to its massive video repository across its global network of data centers. Scality now supplies more than 30 petabytes of useable capacity to the video-sharing behemoth. Wholesale scaling to this degree without system interruption is testament to the value of Scality RING object storage for streaming environments that demand zero downtime, no matter what.

In a nutshell, Scality gives Dailymotion’s engineering team confidence that they can easily grow storage capacity to keep pace with their steeply scaling business.

But, as I like to say, don’t take my word for it. This is what Christophe Simon, System Architect at Dailymotion had to say:

“Scality was the obvious choice. Performance, stability, and reliability is what impresses us most about Scality RING, which altogether meets our storage and business requirements. We could not find any other object storage solution to be as mature as Scality RING. It is well-developed, broadly deployed, and receives timely evolutionary enhancements to keep it cutting-edged.”

Alan Martins, VP of Infrastructure at Dailymotion, added:

“With Scality we went to the next level and we can continue scaling more smoothly.”

By the way, Scality RING summarily replaced EMC Isilon after clearly demonstrating a more compelling architecture and delivering significant performance improvement over that legacy system. Dailymotion now relies on Scality RING as its primary storage. The company recently added several petabytes for backup, as well as nine petabytes across its New York, Singapore, and Sunnyvale data centers without interruption, further strengthening video distribution capabilities in those regions.

Most Dailymotion users may be blissfully ignorant about the powerful objet storage elephant that is responsible for their seamless user experience, but with regard to a satisfying service? – 600 million eyeballs can’t be wrong.

To learn more and download the full case study, visit the Dailymotion customer profile page on the Scality website.

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