Claire Forest: A Firm Hand in a Velvet Glove

Scality Promotes Talent

Scality Promotes Talent

“Claire is at the same time both gentle and determined. Always listening to people and caring about them, she is also capable of stirring everybody into action so that they always give the best of themselves.”

Everybody who knows Claire Forest will tell you that her first and foremost passion is human relations. As chief people officer, Claire can naturally express her people skills whilst being in charge of building the recruitment process. She pays careful attention to make sure that each employee is happy in their job and has everything they need to do their best, thanks in part to having developed an extremely detailed and anonymous questionnaire.

Claire Forest Scality

Claire Forest, Scality

Previously “Culture Captain” when she first arrived at the start-up a year and a half ago, Claire was already constantly thinking about the well being of the staff. She created large open office spaces where everybody can easily share ideas, a gym room where everyone can do some sport during the day and a big kitchen where all can enjoy lunch together. By organising lots of different events to bring people together, they all feel part of the same big adventure.

Today, despite the fact of having more responsibilities in her new role, Claire spends even more time being a hearing ear for people as well as thinking of new ideas to ensure the successful development of Scality’s culture and values. She is in the middle of convincing everybody that they should give feedback as often as possible. Everything needs to be out in the open, the good things and the bad in order to find the fastest solution possible. She is also developing new ways of finding the best candidates for Scality instead of waiting for them to find the company.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always had the desire to create and to participate in new projects with bold people and these experiences enrich meToday, I really can continue to do that and I feel fulfilled,” she confides.

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