The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and now Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), is driving amazing innovation and breakthroughs across many industries. AI is often compared to a rocket ship, with learning algorithms as its engine and data as jet fuel. At its core, ML/DL depends on training and inference, which involve feeding huge amount of (training) data to the algorithm so it can adapt and improve, in order to learn how to make decisions (inferences) on his own. The algorithms perform better and become more accurate as the training data sets grow. This is why AI/ML/DL workloads.
Quoting an artist on the topic of the financial services industry is unusual, to say the least, but the late American singer and musician, Al Jarreau, comes to mind when he captured the essence of the modern day Financial Services challenge (at least from the consumer side) back in a November 2011 interview published in the Hartford Advocate, “I’m a little bit nervous for us with all of this electronically generated new hyper-space that we’ve moved into, where not only people but also economies and systems, like banking, are left to zeros and ones. I want to be more than a.
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We are pleased to announce the availability of Scality Connect for Azure Blob Storage. Scality has been working closely with the Azure Storage team at Microsoft for the past several months on Scality Connect. Our product enables any application that works with Amazon S3 to support Azure Blob Storage. Why is this important? All of your proven Amazon S3 applications can start using Azure Blob Storage – without development effort or costly and time-consuming rewrites. You can read the press release here. Scality Connect is offered as an application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Users with an Azure Marketplace subscription.
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Now that the cloud has become all-pervasive, this question is relevant for everyone. According to Gartner, by 2020 a corporate no-cloud policy will be as rare as a no-internet policy is today. “Cloud-first,” says Gartner, “and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that dominated many large providers in recent years. Today, most provider technology innovation is cloud-centric, with the stated intent of retrofitting the technology to on-premises.” To discuss cloud storage architecture, we first need to unpack the familiar but somewhat hazy meaning of “cloud.” The cloud actually comes in several flavors, and it’s definitely not “one size.
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AWS has achieved incredible traction with services such as S3 for a wide variety of cloud application and service provider businesses. However, for many service providers and enterprise corporations who require an on-premises deployment model in order to maintain control over sensitive data, for performance optimization, or for reasons of security or compliance – Scality’s new S3 Connector for the RING provides an optimal solution. The S3 Connector offers a solution that is application-compatible with AWS S3 at both the data API level and also with the rapidly evolving AWS multi-tenancy model termed IAM (Identity and Access Management). Our S3.
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Scale at Line-Rate Throughput for Demanding Web & Cloud Services    Customers consistently choose the Scality RING for: Hardware Freedom: Pure software, runs on ANY x86 standard Linux based servers High Performance: Line-rate performance, scales linearly across mixed workloads 100% Reliability: Reliability with minimal intervention at massive scale It Just Works: Production proven in most demanding environments
With 128 million monthly unique visitors (Comscore, 2014) on its website, almost 300 million of people who have seen a video through its video player monthly (sitecalatyst, 2014) and over 2.5 billion video views every month, Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platform and the most popular European site – across all categories – in the world according to comScore. Dailymotion uses Scality to store and serve those videos. Pierre-Yves Kerembellec of Dailymotion tells us why. Read more about Scality RING Dailymotion Case Study
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