Scale UP Storage While Downsizing Costs

Forrester study confirms remarkable savings The storage requirements of Digital Business are formidable: support for diverse workloads, scalability to multiple petabytes, high performance, durability, and—last but certainly not least—a sensible price tag to purchase, operate, and maintain. Legacy storage systems can’t meet these criteria, and it’s no mystery why: they were never designed to. That’s why so many large and growing enterprises are in the market for alternatives. Promises, Promises… Any storage vendor can talk about savings, and most of them do. But what can they actually deliver in the real world? Forrester set out to answer this question in.
Forrester TEI Study
Reflections on another Milestone Achievement   Yesterday, Scality was proud to be in a press release issued by Open-Xchange, announcing that Rackspace has chosen Dovecot Pro on Scality Object Storage for their email platform; and this will benefit more than 3.5 million end-users globally. “By moving to Dovecot Pro and Scality Object Storage, we hope to reduce the number of servers for our email platform to just a fifth of its previous size. This will result in massive cost-savings in up-keep across hardware, electricity and cooling,” commented Dan Shain, technical director, Rackspace. “We are planning to do this without any.
service providers
Web and Cloud Services
A couple of weeks ago, Scality and Dell announced they combined engineering efforts to offer the Dell SD7000-S. This brand new Dell system was specifically designed for the Scality RING software – S stands for Scality – and is an ideal solution for large-scale file and object storage environments as deployed by the largest digital businesses. The press release and product data sheet provide a lot of details on the joint Scality-Dell solution, but what does this announcement really mean for the Dell-Scality partnership and – more importantly – for the customers? The announcement confirms the longevity of the partnership As pointed out by several industry.
Today Scality and Dell announce our partnership to bring Software-based Storage to Enterprise. You can read the full announcement here: It is indeed the formalization of the work accomplished together in serving joint customers such as Deluxe. We are very proud that a market leader such as Dell acknowledges the revolution we are bringing to the storage world. And more importantly we are delighted to make our joint value-proposition available to a wide range of Enterprise customers around the world.