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How mobile streaming is taking over the planet

Streaming Media challenges IT Infographic

Infographic: Mobile Streaming By the Numbers

Infographic: Mobile Streaming By the Numbers

Mobile streaming has hit the big time. Even as you read this, millions of people all over the world are viewing videos on mobile devices. And perhaps surprisingly, much of this is on smartphones. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, you don’t see that many laptops or tablets out and in use on the street, bus, or train. But people are perennially glued to their phones. After the zillionth hearing of your iPhone music library, a near first-run movie on Netflix or Hulu makes a sweet alternative.

Of course, the engine that powers the streaming world is storage, and in truly gargantuan volumes. To meet the demand, more and more content owners are building their own origin server infrastructure. This is much more affordable than renting capacity from a CDN provider, and doesn’t restrict you to just one CDN network.

Origin servers require massive scalability at affordable cost, 100% availability, and compatibility with a wide range of storage and media software, video formats, and protocols. They also must deliver high throughput to stream content across many concurrent users. As with so many other Digital Economy use cases, traditional solutions like NAS just don’t fill the bill. This is why an increasing number of Media & Entertainment companies have chosen Scality RING software-defined storage for content distribution.

If you’re in the content distribution business, or thinking of diving in, you need to have your finger on the pulse of mobile streaming. What is the current state of the phenomenon?  How many people are actually watching, and how much bandwidth do they consume? And most importantly for planning, how much new storage capacity will be required in the coming years?

For the astounding answers, download our infographic now. See where the mobile streaming juggernaut is heading… and how astonishingly fast it’s getting there.

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