Battle of the Object Storage Vendors

“Cost reduction is the driving factor in enterprise interest in object storage, but compelling hybrid cloud storage capabilities are also attracting enterprises.”
Gartner Critical Capabilities for Object Storage 2018

It can be difficult to get an impartial and measured assessment of different vendor products. However, Gartner, the world leading analyst firm, does that with their Critical Capabilities reports. These reports are intended to augment the various industry Magic Quadrant reports by providing a comprehensive analysis of the product features by vendor for the expected customer use cases. For Object Storage, in a new report on January 25, 2018, Gartner looked at 13 vendors in 8 “critical capabilities” feature categories, and evaluated these in the context of 5 use cases. For additional information see our press release here.

We’re very happy with the Scality ratings overall. Scality has improved versus the last report in 2016, and our relative positioning versus our competitors has improved as well. Here’s a sample for the Archiving use case (note the scores are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 as the highest).

Archiving Use Case Scores for Product and Services

Across all the different use cases, Scality was second-only to IBM and was within <<1% (0.04 out of 5 total points in separation) of the top position. What’s more, Scality is the only independent vendor in the top 5. This is a great achievement and shows the power and completeness of the Scality RING solution.

It’s also interesting to see how other vendors fared.

  • Dell EMC ECS dropped to 4th or 5th across the different use cases.
    • This indicates to me that their ECS product may not be a very strong Object Storage solution. The fact they score well on the “Gartner MQ for Distributed File and Object” seems to be more influenced by their file-based EMC Isilon product, and less so by ECS.
  • NetApp StorageGrid – not rated highly on the Gartner MQ and similarly didn’t rate well here
    • With a rating on Critical Capabilities of 4th or 5th, they are outside the Top 3 vendors. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant, they are listed as a Niche player, which is consistent with what we’ve seen in the market.
  • Cloudian HyperStore have dropped from 4th or 5th in 2016 to 6th or 7th
    • Indicates that they are not keeping up with the real needs and features across the different Object Storage use cases
    • The Gartner report also makes the observation that HyperFile, Cloudian’s NFS/SMB file interface solution, is a gateway type solution acquired through an OEM arrangement rather than a native file system.

With more than 200 Petabyte+ customers and shipping product since 2010, the Scality RING is the proven solution for Object Storage. You’re invited to read about our customers’ successes and learn more about Scality RING.


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