Another Great SDS Day: Dusseldorf, 2017

Scality hosts its first SDS Day in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf SDS Day

The SDS Day tour continues.  Dusseldorf was the site for Scality’s first Software-Defined Storage Day in Germany on Thursday the 21st of September.  A crowd of nearly 50 people joined the event held at the BeOne conference center near the Rhine.  As attendees gathered before the start of the program, they had an opportunity to mingle and speak with representatives from Scality and our partners HPE, Cisco, Ctera, Veeam and Owncloud.

To kick things off, Peter Kocur, Scality’s country manager for DACH, welcomed attendees and introduced Erwan Menard, president and COO of Scality to start the program.  Erwan talked about the evolution of technology delivery, using cell phone service as an analogy to what’s happening with other technology today—especially cloud.  Twenty years ago, cell service was complicated and expensive—especially when ‘roaming’.  Cell service has become easier, more streamlined and less expensive over the years, and cloud is starting to follow the same path.  Scality is a cloud native, and a great partner with whom to navigate the multi-cloud world of today.  He shared a list of “Inconvenient Truths” about the cloud era and how cloud natives are shaping it:

  • Cloud is not easy
  • Cloud is not one-size-fits-all
  • Cloud is not an option
  • Millenials are different
  • Millenials are our next generation of employees
  • Millenials are our next-generation customers
  • The world is changing….and nothing will stop it

It is the time of multi-cloud; a cloud native, Scality is simplifying the landscape.

Following Erwan Menard, Norbert Deuschle, CEO of Storage Consortium, spoke about sustainable storage infrastructure in the age of digitization, Big Data and IoT.  Thomas Mier, Strategist & Chief Technologist, Data Center and Hybrid IT for HPE spoke about enterprise object storage with Scality and HPE solutions.

Paul Hubert, office of the CTO at Amadeus, shared information about the challenges that Amadeus faces as the largest IT provider for the travel industry—and one of the world’s top ten software companies (Forbes, 2016).  With a presence in more than 190 countries and 14,000+ employees, Amadeus processed 595 billion bookings in 2016, and boarded more than 1.4billion passengers.  Latency matters in travel, just as in all other things.   Paul shared the fact that brain latency is about 200ms, while ticket scanning takes 400ms in each direction.  Speed matters in this world where instant is the norm…and fast booking is critical to their business, in which payment is by the booking.  And with an average 500,000:1 availability request to booking ratio, speed pays.  The business requires data availability and durability to keep up.

Brad King, Scality’s Chief Engineering Architect, brought us “Hyper, hybrid, multi-cloud detox,” clearing the air on overused—and misused—terminology and hype: Cloud (off-prem, on-demand IT), Hybrid Cloud (on-prem/off-prem mix), Multi-Cloud (multi-vendor, best of breed cloud),  XaaS (anything as a service) and SDX (software-defined everything).  It’s all about choice—and he introduced Zenko as the multi-cloud starter kit.  (For more on Zenko, take a look at

We wrapped-up with a really lively partner panel discussion on the topic of “Data Availability and Governance: protecting your most vital assets and the impact of regulations.”  Representatives from Veeam, Owncloud and Ctera had an interactive discussion with attendees on this hot topic to cap off the day.

The next stop on Scality’s SDS Day World Tour will be Tokyo.  Join us there on October 18th, 2017 at the Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center.  For more information, email or visit

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