3 things we learned at Cisco Live! 2018

Back from Cisco Live! 2018 in Orlando, Florida, it’s time to draw a summary of our participation. Over 26,000 people let their imaginations run wild, inspired by the latest and greatest from Cisco and their ecosystem partners. Here are the top three things we learned:

1 – Traditional enterprise storage infrastructures are not optimized to serve unstructured data… well, we knew that, but we got more validation. Growing at an exponential rate, considerations around data management – whether ‘to public cloud or not to public cloud’, and if so, ‘which public cloud?’ – can be a real challenge. At Cisco Live! we had a great opportunity to show people that, together with Cisco, we deliver value via our Scality RING combined with Cisco UCS S3260: based on open standards, simple to use, multi-site, multi-cloud, highly durable solutions that deliver infinite scale at the storage layer and are fully integrated to deliver a consistent, superior customer experience.

2 –  Imagine. This year’s theme at Cisco Live!  At Scality, we too like to imagine a world where ideas are not bound by technology but one where critical information is flowing and accessible at all times, where platform design enables organizational growth and competitive advantage and it’s great we’re aligned with Cisco on that. Imagine is a call to develop  technology that is not a barrier to success, that ensures that application data is always available, in which scale is no longer an issue, and that delivers the required infrastructure seamlessly, with cloud-style economics.

3 – Application performance and value can be maximized with the power of a great partner ecosystem. Depending on how you maximize application performance and value, there is nothing to stop you from tiering from Cisco HyperFlex, integrating with our friends at Commvault and Veeam or by taking it one step further in utilizing our scale-out platform by tiering from Pure Storage. Giving freedom and control is our mantra.

Bonus: Scality’s technology is impressing users at all levels: a developer whose-name-cannot-be-named at a global gaming company whose-name-cannot-be-named told us: “You mean we could have done this with Cisco UCS & Scality instead of spending more money with [insert traditional storage vendor here 😊]. Why did we not talk to you guys earlier?” Talk to us.

June was a busy month for our team, practically living with our friends at Cisco, having been with them the week before at SAPPHIRE NOW, where SAP Data Hub conversations were in full flow. Designed to consolidate diverse data, Scality adds the tools required to keep petabytes of data available, secure and discoverable. SAP Data Hub combined with Cisco Container Platform, HyperFlex, UCS and Scality make good on the promises of the big data revolution.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all
again at Cisco Live! 2019, June 9-13 in San Diego!

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