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Benjamin Morge Scality Team Member Career Evolution

Benjamin Morge (see his portrait published on the blog) left Paris last January for San Francisco to start his new position. He tells us about his new role and what he expects from his new life in the United States.

Benjamin MorgeTell us about your new role…
“As a member of the customer support team, my previous job in Paris was to help my colleagues, who were in direct contact with the clients, to solve any problems with the Scality software that they couldn’t find solutions for. Part of this job was to assist my coworkers based in the USA. But the time difference made communication between us difficult and thus we couldn’t always solve the problem quickly enough. They needed someone in San Francisco to be available to offer support at all times. It was this mission that was offered to me and that I accepted.”

What qualities do you have for the job?
“To do this job, you need to be able to explain very well to your colleagues how the software works and in order to do that you need to know the product in great detail. Thanks to my interest in technical things, shortly after having joined Scality, I quickly became an expert on the product. Working closely with the software’s developers allowed me to be at the cutting edge of any new features. All of this knowledge I enjoy transmitting to my team. Add to that the fact that I like helping my colleagues and I love traveling.

Do you like your new life in the United States?
“It’s a dream come true to live in San Francisco. I immediately felt at home. People are kind, the weather is nice, it’s not far to get out into the countryside, plus California is the place to be when you work in information technology. I also love my American colleagues work ethic, they are both determined and calm at all times. I have a lot to learn from them, but I also hope to add something of myself to the team. I am very energetic and don’t hesitate to speak up when necessary. I will be there to give them a boost when a client puts huge pressure on us to solve a problem as quickly as possible.”

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