Like to be Entertained?

It’s amazing the choices we have today in what entertainment we can get, when, and from what devices. Keeping the massive volume of content from which we can choose available for the taking—whenever and wherever we want—is astounding; especially to those of us who used to buckle-down to finish our homework in time to gather in the family room in front of the TV to watch our favorite prime time shows….at the one time we could see them (reruns and syndication excepted).

Think that data storage doesn’t affect your everyday life? All of this content, in all of the formats necessary for its consumption on a multitude of devices, has to be stored in a secure but quickly-accessible medium. Secure, to ensure that the content owner is properly compensated for consumption; available quickly, because we consumers don’t tolerate a lag between selection and start of streaming. There’s no question that efficient storage is a critical component of today’s entertainment. Massive amounts of it.

Storage is at the heart of successful video-on-demand VOD service. Profitability and performance truly go hand-in-hand. Ensuring that data is always available when, where and in the format in which the consumer wants it requires a storage solution that delivers – and one that scales efficiently and cost-effectively to accommodate higher resolutions, multiple formats and ever-growing catalogs. Scality RING ensures availability – VOD assets are always accessible to consumers – with no downtime. And its native object and file protocols mean that it adapts easily to new workflows and/or streaming formats, all from the Origin Server Storage. It doesn’t get easier or more reliable than this.

M&E Storage: Solved:
Scality RING solves M&E storage challenges across multiple stages of the workflow, so it’s the clear choice.
Post-Production: Efficient, always-on and available storage makes the post-production process efficient. By replacing tape-based storage for content “parking” with disk-based Scality RING software-defined object storage, there is no more parking or waiting – post-production operations like video transcoding can continue, adding efficiency and low TCO that make dramatic overall performance improvements a reality.

Active Archive: When the workflow in media post-production, visual effects (VFX) or gaming is interrupted by waiting for restoration from tape archives, productivity takes a big hit. A nearline active archive built on Scality RING keeps assets active and immediately available—no waiting for restoration from LTO tapes. Content on Scality RING can be prepared for production—in place—on ingestion.

MAM: The best media asset management (MAM) strategy teams a great MAM system with storage that ensures data is always accessible, always available. Scality understands the workflows and the unique requirements that content developers and vendors place on storage to ensure a cost-effective and reliable storage solution that can scale.

Content Distribution: Centralizing storage, rather than tying your assets to a CDN provider, lowers costs and expands monetization options. Scality understands the value of digital assets and the unique requirements that content developers and vendors place on storage to ensure a cost-effective and reliable storage solution that can scale with growing VOD catalogs.

VOD and Cloud DVR: Patience just is not in the streaming media consumer profile. In our on-demand world, the expectation is that streaming starts at the click…no waiting. If it doesn’t, then the consumer is likely to move on to another source: that’s opportunity lost, revenue lost. Scality RING keeps it available; keeps it flowing.

It matters to me. My week included:

  • streaming lots of music from Pandora and Spotify, through my phone, my Amazon Echo and through my stereo via Sonos
  • streaming an episode of The Night Manager, the AMC miniseries based on the John Le Carre novel by the same title, through our Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • streaming a movie, The Founder, through AppleTV
  • watching an episode of Fareed Zakaria GPS, streamed from CNNgo via AppleTV
  • indulging in a little bit of home renovation fantasy: HGTV streamed from DirecTV Now on my smart TV while working out on the elliptical trainer
  • enjoying a new episode of Veep! Finally…started in on Season 5 by watching its Episode 1 on HBO via AppleTV.

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