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Only a small percentage of data is actually active (accessed frequently) on most storage systems, with some studies showing that only somewhere between 20-40% of data is typically active.

Archiving with Scality

Archiving that data to a highly-reliable, always-on and scalable object-storage system can bring the best of both worlds: retaining ready availability while offloading the expensive NAS. This paper describes a data protection model using Scality RING as the archive target for inactive NAS data, to achieve 50% and higher TCO savings versus traditional NAS data protection, along with freeing up a commensurate amount (50%+) of NAS Tier 1 storage capacity.

To sort out and transparently migrate inactive data to the RING, Scality provides the NAS Archiver. A new addition to the Scality product portfolio, the NAS Archiver provides an optimal solution for NAS offload and archiving.

The NAS Archiver

The Scality NAS Archiver provides a wide-range of migration policies based on file size, file types, file age and more, and can provide either stub-based or stub-less archiving from the NAS filer to the RING. Stub-based archiving ensures that the NAS filer continues to operate as normal, and that applications can retain seamless access to any data that has been moved from the NAS to Scality RING – simply by referencing the file pointer (stub) maintained in the file system. For use-cases where files on the NAS are very small, stub-less archiving can help further reduce space overhead on the NAS by not imposing the small overhead of the stubs themselves in the NAS file system.

Estimate Cost Savings with our TCO calculator

The amount of capacity on the NAS
Percentage of inactive data (%)
The backup retention policy (Months)
53% Reduction in required backup footprint with Scality NAS Archiver
Reclaim 1.6 PB of premium capacity on your Tier-1 NAS

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