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Scality’s leaders have created Le Club to recognize and reward team members selected each year for their exceptional contribution to the company.

Together with this acknowledgment, Le Club members are also offered the opportunity of taking a trip together, to rest and enjoy the Scality spirit outside the workplace.

For the year 2017, 20 employees have been chosen. Scality will publish a profile of a different team member each week.

Meet Anne Harper

In her private life, Anne Harper is somewhat of a shy person. But like an actor getting up on stage, Anne is transformed when she works. As release captain, she has to decide if the latest version of the Scality software will be ready on the due date, or if it is necessary to work on it some more. In order to do that, she needs to talk with dozens of engineers and then go straight to the front line to communicate her decision to the leadership.

Anne Harper of Scality Release Captain on the Engineering Team

      Anne Harper, Scality Release Captain

Anne has been at Scality for three years now. She really seems to have found her true vocation, although it wasn’t what she had imagined she would be doing when she was younger. As a student, she had actually wanted to be a doctor. But after having failed the entrance exam, she decided to totally change her path and become an engineer in computer science.

Anne doesn’t at all regret her choice. At Scality she has found a place where she enjoys learning new things all the time and working on interesting challenges. On top of that, Anne can use the gift she has of taking care of people, a way of remembering the time when she had wanted to be a doctor.

“I want everybody to feel good at work. I always try to lessen the pressure on people if they’re behind and listen to their problems so that we can find a solution together. I try not to be on their back and only ask questions if it’s necessary. And when people don’t have to work too hard, I tell them not to,” she confides. One of her colleagues adds “Anne is extremely calm and dedicated to her work. She always put herself in our position. Even in stressful situations, she takes the time to explain things without getting annoyed.”

Her devotion has earned her the respect of her co-workers and made her one of their best spokespersons, despite being one of the few women in a really masculine field. When the engineers have difficulties on a project, she never hesitates to go and talk to the management, explaining what the problems are and why they need more time to complete a feature. “Anne has two rare qualities: she is brave and honest. She never tries to hide bad news. At the same time, she always has solutions on how to move forward,” says one of the managers.

Despite her success, Anne has stayed extremely modest. She never puts herself to the forefront. So for her, being a member of Le Club is a bit embarrassing. “I’m not the only one who deserves this recognition, all the engineer team should be rewarded for their work,” she says.

In her free time, Anne likes to free her mind by doing yoga and aikido, at least three times a week. It helps her to totally disconnect from her job, so that she can come back to work even calmer and more efficient. She also enjoys travelling. Recently she went to Thailand and two years ago she even decided on an impulse to go to the North Pole to see the polar bears before they become extinct. She didn’t see any but she really enjoyed the experience all the same.

Anne doesn’t have any grand career plans for the future. Humble in all circumstances, she feels really lucky to be where she is today. “Everything that has happened to me at Scality is a bit of a surprise for me. I want to continue to go with the flow and to take pleasure in what I’m doing,” she concludes.

Photo of Anne Harper by Frank Roesner

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