Western Digital

Enabling petabyte-scale infrastructures

Western Digital optimizes its UltrastarĀ® high-density storage platforms for software-defined storage deployments, partnering with Scality to provide verified architectures for scale-out file and object storage solutions.

Western Digital is vertically integrating throughout the data center, manufacturing a range of enterprise HDD and SSD that it integrates in its own brand of industry-standard, high-density x86 storage servers and JBODs. It sells these to its VAR/SI community through its global distribution network.

Scality builds powerful storage tools to make it easy to protect, search and manage petabyte-scale data. Working together, Scality and Western Digital enable petabyte-scale, low-cost, and reliable storage solutions with an extremely compelling TCO.Ā 

Built on Western Digital, powered by Scality. Ā 


Western Digital Solution Sheet


Western Digital Reference Architecture White Paper

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