Scality Partners with Gladinet to Unleash Mass Adoption of Cloud Storage – On Premise Cloud

Gladinet will seamlessly drive customers’ take-up of cloud storage all over the world, leveraging Scality’s vast and worldwide network of StaaS providers, built upon the software vendor’s innovative object-based storage system.

Rust, Germany – 23rd March 2011 – Cloud storage system pioneer Scality today announced a partnership with Gladinet, a leading cloud gateway software vendor, to provide an end-to-end cloud-based storage solution to help drive cloud adoption for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises with multiple branch offices.

The adoption of cloud storage for SMBs has been, until now, hindered by the disruptive access protocols to the cloud. Gladinet’s software suite offers a way for SMBs to easily tap into the exciting advantages of the cloud without disrupting their day-to-day operations when managing their assets: for example, when they are backing up desktops or MS SQL servers, sharing data with collaborators on the move.

“Scality RING is a massively scalable, object-based storage platform that handles immense amounts of unstructured data with sustained performance and easy operations over time,” said Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet. “With Gladinet’s full range of cloud storage access solutions and Scality’s network of RING-powered Storage-as-a-Service provider customers, we can now offer SMBs more options for better performance, privacy and disaster recovery.”

There will be no business disruption for the end-users, as Gladinet seamlessly handles backup and data management for them.

Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality, said: “Gladinet, the most recent addition to Scality’s partner ecosystem, offers an exciting complete solution for SMBs to easily – and without disruption – embrace the cloud for their data management. Scality’s partnership with Gladinet will help both SMBs and large enterprises enjoy the cost effectiveness and easy operability of an on-premise, elastic storage cloud accessible by all branches within the organization.”

As Lecat points out, on top of SMBs’ deploying Gladinet using public cloud providers, enterprises can also deploy Scality’s RING in their own data centers, essentially becoming a private cloud storage provider for their multiple branch offices’ storage needs. With the help of Gladinet, this becomes a turn-key solution for enterprises to solve all their data management needs.

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