Scality fully embraces CDMI* as the core of its Open Cloud Access strategy

Scality announces General Availability of Dewpoint, their deployment proven CDMI server

San Francisco, CA – September 18, 2012 – Scality, the established leader in object based storage, unveils today its Open Cloud Access Strategy, at the core of which sits a CDMI server implementation.

Scality launches Dewpoint, a proven CDMI server

“At Scality we sincerely believe that standards are essential for the adoption of cloud architectures by businesses. After a careful review we came to the conclusion that SNIA CDMI represents the best solution for Cloud Management and Data Access. We produced an initial prototype of Dewpoint, Scality’s CDMI server, which we presented at SDC last year. After much optimization and dialogue with other vendors, we are now ready to bring Dewpoint to the market, as the corner stone of our Open Cloud Access strategy” said Jerome Lecat, Scality CEO.

CDMI is essential to worldwide cloud adoption. Effectively it avoids the vendor lock-in associated with proprietary APIs. We have already seen a few CDMI implementations come to market, suggesting that the momentum is building. CDMI simplifies the coexistence of many clouds, the management of clouds, the migration between cloud infrastructures allowing one to maintain the same client access layer even when changing the backend infrastructure.

Scality’s Open Cloud Access Strategy

While some vendors are creating yet another proprietary interface, Scality has a unique – radically opposite – approach. “At Scality, we want our customers to be able to leverage their cloud storage platform for any unstructured data application. This means giving them access to storage in the ways they expect, rather than requiring that they modify their existing applications. Scality RING Organic Storage software makes the same data available through all the access methods supported by Scality. Today, this includes various REST protocols – Scality’s own documented REST APIs, RS2 (an Amazon S3 compatible API), CDMI and even a file system mount. Scality intends to extend these access methods to CloudFiles and NFS in the coming months”, said Giorgio Regni, Scality CTO.

“At the core of these access methods sits an abstraction layer used by our CDMI server, which tracks all metadata associated with a file, directory or bucket.” Added Regni.

Availability and Pricing

Scality CDMI server software is included with Scality RING and the client is provided with the StaaS Pack.


As an active member of the SNIA CSI – Cloud Storage Initiative – Scality will be participating in the SNIA Storage Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California, from 17th to 21st of September 2012. Visit the CDMI plugfest to learn more about Scality’s most recent CDMI server and client developments. For more information about his conference, please refer to

* CDMI: Cloud Data Management Interface.