Take Scality RING to the Cloud with S3 Connector

Comprehensive S3 API. Scale-out S3 endpoints; AWS S3 API compatible; S3
Bucket & Object APIs >; Multi-Part Upload (MPU); S3 MD5 checksums for data
integrity; Extended utilization API; Supports 100’s of ISV apps & tools. AWS and
Enterprise Security. AWS & Enterprise Security. AWS SIGv4 auth w/ key pairs;

Scality RING: Scale-out File and Object Storage

Software-defined; Shared-nothing, distributed architecture – No single point of
failure; Scale-out file systems; Peer-to-peer routing and object storage core;
Policy-based data protection and self-healing; Native multi-site geo-distribution;
State of the art Amazon S3-compatible API. Request a Personalized Demo.
Features …

Scality Connect Data Sheet v3.indd

Scality continues to shape the multi-cloud era with Scality. Connect for Azure
Blob Storage, seamlessly delivering Amazon. S3 API functionality to users of
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Amazon S3-compatible apps now work with Azure
Blob Storage without modification so that anyone can easily leverage the vast
benefits …

Scality Zenko

Scality’s open-source implementation of the Amazon S3 API, which has enjoyed
well over half a million DockerHub pulls since it was introduced in June 2016.
Scality released this new code, now called Zenko, to the open source community
under an Apache 2.0 license so that any developer can use and extend Zenko in

Introducing the Zenko Multi-Cloud Data Controller – Scality

Jul 9, 2017 … A key part of Zenko is that it provides a unified interface based on a proven
implementation of the Amazon S3 API across multiple cloud storage services.
This allows any cloud storage to be accessed with the same uniform API, while
retaining information in the respective cloud native format. For example …

Scality Announces the S3 Server Open Source Software – Scality

San Francisco, CA – June 14th, 2016 – Scality, the storage that powers digital
business, today announced the General Availability release of its S3 Server
software, an open source version of its S3 API. Packaged as a Docker container
to be easily deployed on a single server, the Scality S3 Server will enable
developers to …

Announcing enhanced Scality RING support for OpenStack Kilo …

May 19, 2015 … Today, Scality is announcing support for OpenStack Swift Storage Policies, as
well as a native OpenStack Glance storage API. The ability to exploit Swift’s
storage policies with the RING’s Swift driver can open up some powerful new
distributed storage use cases. Storage policies provide a way for …