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Scality’s leaders have created Le Club to recognize and reward team members selected each year for their exceptional contribution to the company. 

Together with this acknowledgment, Le Club members are also offered the opportunity of taking a trip together, to rest and enjoy the Scality spirit outside the workplace.

For the year 2017, 20 employees have been chosen. Scality will publish a profile of a different team member each week.

Meet David Harvey

“I’m somebody who loves challenges, trying something new, preferably something which has never been done before. Whether it’s breaking into a new market, launching a new product, or creating a new department, I enjoy being the first one through the door”. David Harvey is somewhat of an explorer. He is not at all afraid of change. Quite the opposite, he relishes continual variety and the challenges of constantly having to adapt to a new situation in order to succeed.

David Harvey Vice President of Alliances at Scality

David has shown this same strength throughout his career. Being in the IT industry for more than 20 years, he has worked within a lot of different departments, from sales to product management and business development. In all his different roles, he notably developed a strategic roadmap for a new product, or took the company global throughout Europe and Asia. As part of his love of new experiences, he didn’t hesitate to leave his homeland, England, for the US.

At Scality, where he started working three years ago, David can’t find a better place in which to express his forward moving thinking. It is an exciting new area of technology that he hasn’t worked in before, as well as in his position of the head of strategic alliances, he knows he can strongly affect the company’s success. Running a team with members on three different continents, his role is to build a close relationship with the major partners of Scality, such as HP, Dell and Cisco, in order to generate as much revenue as possible.

Today, David’s tenacity and commitment have paid off. With his team, he has managed to create a trusting relationship with these partners and to demonstrate to them that Scality, despite being a small company, can help them develop their business. The result is that David’s team surpassed its goals for 2016. Therefore it’s hardly surprising that three out of six team members have been chosen for Le Club this year. “It means a lot to me, it’s recognition for all the hard work and sacrifices my team has made to be successful”, he says.

Instead of looking out for his own interest, David cares first about the success of his colleagues. “David understands everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and supports each one of us where needed, while always giving us the freedom to run our own business”, confides one of them. “Managers like David are why people stay through challenging times, going the extra mile to achieve success,” reveals another one.

In the future, David doesn’t count on slowing down his pace. “I want my team to become stronger and stronger and continue to be as successful as today,” he says. It’s only outside work David likes to break his hectic rhythm. He enjoys fishing and spending time outdoors, by the sea or mountains, providing a way to totally disconnect from his job. David sees a time when he will feel an even stronger need to be in tune with nature. “Whether it be near a river, or in the countryside with farm animals around, I want to be sure to find a place where nature will be my first thought every time I step outside my front door.”

Photo credit: Frank Roesner

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