Petabyte-scale storage requires new levels of performance, scalability and uptime, all with the benefits of cloud economics.

Scality, the leader in software-defined storage (SDS) at petabyte-scale, today announced the general availability of version 5.0 of its RING software to include key new features that enable complete and seamless integration with the modern enterprise “Software Defined Data Center” (SDDC). These key features enable fast and simplified installation, UI driven configuration and provisioning, expanded use case and application workload coverage with significant performance increases, as well as additional client connectivity and RING deployment options for Microsoft Windows and Linux clients. The release of RING 5.0 builds on the already powerful management, durability, scalability, geo-distribution, and performance capabilities introduced in the previous version 4.3.

With the general availability of Scality RING 5.0, channel partners and resellers have access to an entirely new user interface for automated RING installation on any industry-standard server platform, thereby dramatically simplifying deployment and presenting a seamless installation experience for the enterprise customer. Bringing the ease of automated installation to software defined storage, RING version 5.0 enables a wider audience of users who can readily deploy, install and configure the RING, empowering enterprise users and channel partners to complete installation quickly and independently.

“RING 5.0 clearly demonstrates Scality’s commitment to its channel partners and customers,” said Brent Angle, CTO of CineSys-Oceana, a VAR for the Media and Entertainment industry. “While other solutions are much more complicated to setup and configure, the RING makes petabyte scale more approachable and simpler to install.”

Integrated Microsoft Windows Client and Windows Server Connectivity

New connectivity options provide access from Microsoft Windows clients and servers through the integration of a native SMB Connector that expands the RING’s comprehensive family of existing NFS, FUSE (Linux File System) and Object connectors. This enhancement embraces Microsoft’s prevalence in the enterprise data center environment for which the RING is deployed in to support multiple use cases. In addition, deployments for RING Connectors are now expanded to include the Debian Linux 7.6 (Wheezy)distribution in addition to the existing broad support for popular RedHat, CentOS and Ubuntu Linux distributions.

Simplified 15-Minute Scality RING Installation

Similar to the experience with plug-and-play appliances, new user interface driven capabilities in version 5.0 enable fast “point-and-click” style configuration to enable resources to be easy provisioned, while the Central Installation Platform, included with RING 5.0, leverages an open source agent-driven framework to enable fast, 15-minute installation of all required RING components.

Performance Boosts For Video Streaming, Content Distribution, and Other Use Cases

An extensive set of performance enhancements improve use cases such as video streaming, archiving, content distribution, and enterprise cloud tools. These enhancements include a more CPU-efficient erasure-coding library for the RING’s Advanced Resiliency Configuration (ARC) feature, support for 10x faster bulk file system operations and improved CDMI REST Connector performance for supporting larger numbers of simultaneous clients.

“Version 5.0 represents a major step forward in broader enterprise adoption of the RING, and furthers our efforts to completely transform the storage industry,” said Scality CEO Jerome Lecat. “These operational enhancements and product simplifications demonstrate our full commitment to our channel partners,which are responsible for 80 percent of our customer base.”

Scality RING 5.0 is available for download from the customer portal. It is the latest Generally Available version of Scality RING.

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Scality is the industry leader in petabyte-scale, software-defined storage. Founded in 2009, Scality’s software-based RING storage delivers billions of files to 200 million users daily with 100% uptime. TheRING makes standard x86 servers scale to hundreds of petabytes and billions of objects. The RING’s end-to-end parallel architecture provides unsurpassed performance, while its patented object storage core increases availability, durability and dramatically reduces operational costs. The RING integrates with applications through standard storage protocols such as NFS; S3; OpenStack Swift and Cinder. Customers include the world’s largest enterprises, particularly in media, telecommunications, and cloud.

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