Scality RING Highlights

Scality RING 6.0 sets a new standard, enabling many more enterprises and services providers to benefit from object storage through enhanced S3 API support with a uniquely enterprise-ready identity and security model.

In addition, customers with high-scale compliance needs can now take advantage of the standards-based interfaces and hardware-independent capabilities of the RING. For file system users, Scality continues to enhance the RING’s file support, now improving performance for specific applications like backup and media.

Scality RING Technical

Featured Highlights:

Enables Enterprise-Ready Object Storage Deployment with Strong S3 Features, Security, and Performance

  • Scality RING 6.0 is the first S3-compatible object storage with full Microsoft Active Directory and AWS IAM support
  • RING 6.0 offers exceptional levels of S3 API performance, including scale-out Bucket access, even across multiple locations

Protects Petabytes of Records, Images, and More with the Most Scalable Data Compliance Solution

  • Standards-based, compliance solution that scales into petabytes in a single system
  • Validated for many healthcare and financial services applications, with SEC 17a-4 and other certifications
  • Retention management, immutability (WORM), and encryption features
  • Proven ability to migration from EMC® Centera and NetApp® Snaplock

Tackles More Enterprise Applications With Enhanced Scale-out File System Capabilities

  • Fully parallel and multi-user write performance to the same directories, further enabling specific backup and media applications
  • Integrated Load Balancing and Failover across multiple file system interfaces

RING 6.0 dramatically enhances the core benefits of broad application accessibility, hardware flexibility, petabyte scalability, and 100% reliability detailed in the Scality RING overview. More than ever, the Scality RING is the best storage choice for your Digital Business.

If you’re earlier stage, and building an application that needs storage for unstructured data like images and video, or want to try out object storage in your environment, check out the new Scality S3 Server. It’s a simple, single-server object store for test/dev and small production use.

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