The Scality Ring:
erasure-coding and data availability

The industry’s only web-scale storage that supports any file and object applications, on any hardware—with zero downtime.

The Scality RING is software that turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage. With the RING, you can store any amount of data, of any type, with incredible efficiency and 100% reliability, guaranteed—all while reducing costs by as much as 90% over legacy systems.


Key Advantages of the RING

  • icon any application

    Any application: The only storage platform with native file and object storage

    Access, store, and manage all legacy and digital applications from one platform.

    Gain the agility you need to store petabytes of data regardless of size, volume, or type. With the RING, you can maximize your storage capabilities with the industry’s only storage platform that natively supports file, object, S3, and OpenStack applications. Speed your time to market by consolidating mixed workloads onto the same storage, even across multiple locations. And ensure rapid access to stored data regardless of application.

    Read about Deluxe OnDemand, which uses Scality RING’s file capabilities at over 100Gb/s.

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    Any hardware: Unlimited scaling with total hardware freedom

    Scale to exabytes for 90% lower TCO than legacy storage with no data migration or downtime.

    Scale rapidly and economically with web-scale storage that runs on any hardware. With the RING, you can scale as much and as often as you need—and with no data migration nor disruption. Grow capacity incrementally with minimal risk and pay-as-you-scale cost using standard x86 servers from HPE, Dell, Cisco, and Seagate or commodity ODMs. Make the most of hardware innovation by adopting more cost-efficient or performance-enhancing servers as they come available while maintaining continuous availability. The cumulative advantages of continuous scaling, low administrative overhead, and hardware and application versatility of the RING make it possible.

  • icon any cloud

    Any cloud: S3 or OpenStack, public or private

    Launch public or private cloud services with a proven storage foundation, with both AWS S3 and OpenStack compatible interfaces for maximum flexibility.

    The RING is proven with millions of end customers every day. Whether you are deploying email messaging as a service, storage-related services, or custom applications for images and video, Scality has the product and the experience to help you launch your service and scale to meet demand spikes with continuous uptime. Scality has supported both custom and packaged applications in production for years under the most demanding conditions. And the same infrastructure you use for public services can also be used for private cloud services, giving you even better economies of scale.

    Read about SFR, who has a dozen applications for public and private cloud running on the same Scality RING infrastructure.


  • Always on

    Continuous availability

    Run your digital business with confidence, knowing your stored data is always on and always available.

    The RING enables 100% data availability and zero downtime. Support your most rigorous SLAs with reliability guaranteed under contract. The RING preserves your data through its shared-nothing, distributed architecture, which provides geographical redundancy and no single point of failure. Business continuity is further assured through built-in durability and disaster recovery features. Our customers have run for years without downtime through hardware failures, upgrades, patches, and expansions.

    Telenet, our first customer from 2010, has had run multiple generations of applications, hardware, and the RING over five years with no downtime.

A Storage Infrastructure Built for Digital Business


It takes the right foundational tenets to create a solution that offers unprecedented storage for any application, any hardware, with continuous availability. Here are ours:

  • Software-defined
  • Shared-nothing, distributed architecture
  • Multi-protocol access layer
  • Scale-out file system
  • Peer-to-peer routing and object storage
  • Policy-based data protection and self-healing
  • Native geo-distribution

A History of Innovation

Scality has been hard at work building the best storage platform to support the monumental shifts occurring in applications, architectures, and deployment models. Take a look at multiple generations of the RING:

Learn more about Scality RING 6.0 Scality RING 5.0

Features Designed for Scalability in Every Dimension

Scale-out File, Object, and OpenStack access:

  • AWS S3-compatible REST API with support for Microsoft Active Directory, AWS IAM, AWS Signature v2 and v4
  • Scality REST API
  • Scale-out NFS v3 with support for Kerberos Authentication, quotas, and standard file locking
  • SMB 2.0
  • Linux FUSE plus data compatibility with REST
  • OpenStack storage drivers for Swift (Object storage), Manila (File storage), Cinder (Volumes) and Glance (images)

Policy-based Data Protection:

  • Scality Erasure Coding and variable replication Class-of-Service to protect against multiple, simultaneous disk and server failures
  • Native multi-site synchronous or asynchronous protection
  • Distributed self-healing processes to resolve disk and server failures with continuous availability
  • Data integrity assurance through integral CRC checksums on stored objects

Scale-out Storage:

  • Scalable peer-to-peer RING architecture, with a native Object Storage core
  • Integrated Scale-Out-File-System (SOFS) with POSIX semantics

Any-to-any Performance:

  • High throughput (~1GB/s per Connector) across small and large files
  • Latency doesn’t increase regardless of number of nodes or objects in the system
  • Independently scalable access and storage layers
  • Expandable to thousands of nodes, accessible directly and concurrently

Agile Deployment:

  • Independently scalable access points and storage servers
  • Ability to co-locate access points with customer application servers, on virtual machines, or on storage servers
  • Flexibility to deployable on a single site or stretched over multiple sites

Web-scale System Management:

  • Management through the Supervisor Portal GUI, RingSH CLI, SNMP MiB and Traps
  • Centralized installer with silent (unattended) installer mode
  • Online, rolling upgrades

Digital Industries Ideally Suited for the RING

Compare Scality’s Key Benefits

  • Bigger than NAS
  • Faster than Legacy Object Storage
Key Benefits
Scale-out NAS

High performance at scale

  • Linear performance scale to many petabytes of data
  • Supports a broad mix of application workloads
  • Performance limited by storage controllers
  • Scalability limited by controller bottleneck

100% reliable

  • Zero downtime for maintenance and expansion
  • Zero downtime when disk, server, rack, and site fail
  • Always available and durable with native geo-redundancy
  • Single site limit: Lacks geo-distribution, limiting availability
  • Downtime and immediate servicing required for failures of disk and enclosure
  • System downtime for upgrades and patches

Legacy and Digital Business application support

  • Native file, object, S3, and OpenStack support
  • Supports current and future application integration
  • Only file support

Low Costs (TCO)

  • Simple to manage at scale across applications
  • Full hardware freedom with any standard x86 server
  • Flexible licensing for capacity scaling and future proofing
  • Expensive proprietary HW with forced upgrade lock-in
  • Expensive support and maintenance costs
Key benefits
Legacy Object Storage

High performance at scale

  • Linear performance scale to many petabytes of data
  • Supports a broad mix of application workloads
  • Mixed and small file workloads trigger huge performance penalty, overhead, and latency impact at PB scale

100% reliable

  • Maintenance and expansion with no downtime
  • Handles disk, server, rack, and site failures with no downtime
  • Includes native geo-redundancy, increasing availability and durability
  • Disk failure blocks active operations, need manual intervention to continue
  • SPOF and gateways impact reliability

Legacy and Digital Business application support

  • Native file, object, S3, and OpenStack support
  • Supports current and future application integration
  • Supports many compliance standards
  • Only object API support
  • No native file support, complex 3rd party gateway, impacts performance & scale for spectrum of workloads
  • Limited compliance support


  • Choice of any x86 hardware
  • Mixed hardware in the same system
  • Expansion without migration
  • Simple to manage
  • Enables lower TCO long term, competitive with cloud alternatives
  • OPEX latency, network, disk failure penalty
  • HW coupled with SW, must be “certified” and validated
  • No native unified object & file
  • Expansion will require migration to “certified” hardware

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