Scality S3 Connector

The first S3-compatible object storage with enterprise-grade security and performance

Integrate S3-based applications faster and more securely, with full application portability

Develop your S3-based application once, and put your data in the RING or AWS without code change. The Scality S3 Connector ensures AWS compatibility and enterprise-grade controls for the production deployment of custom and packaged applications.

S3 Storage Features and Specifications

Enables advanced on-premises S3-based application development and packaged application support via S3 API

  • Scale-out S3 API functionality with:
    • Full S3 Bucket and Object APIs (PUT, GET, DELETE, HEAD and POST)
    • Multi-Part Upload (MPU) command set: Initiate, Upload Part, Complete, List
    • Supports S3-native MD5 checksums to ensure data integrity over the wire
  • Extended API for Bucket utilization reporting: Bucket level capacity, number of objects and bandwidth
  • Compatible with hundreds of existing applications and ISV tools using the S3 API

Comprehensive support of AWS and Enterprise security models

  • Dedicated security services, securely hosted on a distributed database engine
  • Supports the full AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) model, including IAM Users
  • Supports AWS Signature v4 authentication (plus previous Sig v2)
  • Supports SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language) and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Bucket Access Control Lists (ACLs) including standard and canned ACLs
  • Object ACLs
  • Bucket Level Encryption
  • Management via CLI and REST API

Scale-out and high performance via dedicated S3-Metadata service

  • Designed for millions of Buckets per RING and Objects per Bucket
  • Supports full capacity scale-out per Bucket
  • Supports distributed access and performance scale-out per Bucket – 1 to n clients can simultaneously read and write to the same Bucket with full consistency
  • Leverages high-performance flash (SSD’s) for low-latency, very high performance throughput, transaction rate and object listing.

Advanced data protection

  • Native integration with Scality RING for policy-based data protection (configurable replication or erasure coding)
  • Data durability and availability is ensured through the RING’s automated self-healing background processes to provide seamless operations in the event of hardware faults or component failures
  • S3 Bucket Versioning to capture and enable restore of previous versions
  • Versioning with IAM Policies to enable simple Bucket WORM (Write Once Read Many)
  • New: Bucket level asynchronous replication through the AWS Cross-Region Replication (CRR) API. This enables a Wide Area Network based Disaster Recovery (DR) solution

Agile development and deployment model

  • Deployed as a set of distributed services, in Docker Containers.

Key Components


  • S3 compatible API servers
  • Responds to standard S3 HTTP requests
  • Standard S3 headers & response codes
  • Multi-Connector scale-out


  • A distributed metadata database service
  • Supports fast Bucket & Object listing


  • Security, Identity & Authentication Service
  • Provides Accounts/Keys
  • Supports S3 IAM Users and Roles
  • Interoperable with Microsoft® Active Directory