Scality S3 Server

Scality S3 Server Provides the Simplest Onramp to Object Storage

Object storage is clearly the simplest, most flexible, and most scalable way to store tons of unstructured content. The Scality S3 Server enables developers and businesses to take advantage of this simplicity, for free. Whether you’re programming in Go or Java, or whether you’re using existing applications for personal or shared data management, the Scality S3 Server is a great starting point.

S3 apps - Scality S3 Server

Featured Highlights:

Simple, but Powerful Object Storage for your S3-based applications

  • The S3 Server is written in Node.js and offers rich S3 API features and fast bucket listing.

Develop in the Language of Your Choice, or Exploit the Growing List of S3-ready Applications

  • Utilize the full set of AWS S3 language-specific bindings and wrappers, including SDKs for Java, .NET, Javascript, and Go, to simplify coding.
  • Use personal and group S3-ready applications like backup, archiving, and sync and share.

Go from Dev to Test to Full Production Object Storage

  • Scality S3 Server uses Docker volumes for storage, and can be deployed for pilots and production.

Both free and paid support options are available on Docker Hub and Github, and at the Scality S3 Server portal. For companies that require a commercially supported version of Scality S3 Server, the Enterprise Edition is available as a subscription for $950 per month, per server. And when you’re ready to scale to petabytes and multiple sites, you can easily repoint your application at the Scality RING, without changing a single line of code.

Quick Facts about Scality S3 Server

Open Source
Apache-2.0 License
GitHub Stars
Docker Pulls
Initial Release

Scality at Tech Field Day

Giorgio Regni, CTO, introduces Scality and the RING platform that provides object-based storage for digital businesses.