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Produce and serve unlimited on-demand, mobile, and 4K video with the RING

Transforming Storage in Media and Entertainment Workflows

With the RING, storage becomes an enabler of speedy, high performance video production, archiving, and delivery, not an obstacle. It gives you the massive scalability, flexibility, and deployment versatility you need to meet the enormous digital challenges today’s media and entertainment markets demand.

The Ring in Action

With the RING, broadcasters like RTL II are transforming into Internet media houses. Online video companies like Dailymotion are poised to double and triple their users and content volumes. And post-production leaders like Deluxe are seizing new opportunities in on-demand video.

Scality Ring in Action:
  • Video Archives
  • Content Distribution

Video Archives

The RING is ideally suited for two critical aspects of modern digital video production: nearline archives for post production and long-term archives for completed productions.




When a video production project is completed, all the production and post-production data needs to be stored in a long-term archive. The Scality RING is an attractive alternative to tape for long-term archives. Leveraging your pick of standard servers at the cost and density of your choice, the Scality RING enables video companies to build long-term, self-healing archives that grow beyond petabytes without ever having to migrate data. The RING offers much lower low latency than tape to provide excellent accessibility to all your content. The combination of scalability and performance allows aggregation of workflows into a single, highly available, highly durable platform.

Nearline Archives. As a nearline archive, the Scality RING provides you with fast and economical storage for your most data-intensive post-production challenges. It’s less costly than SAN storage for post-production workloads, is much faster than tape, and offers unlimited scalability.

The RING makes transferring digital files back and forth to SAN easy and extremely fast, making it in essence a SAN staging area. The RING also frees SAN storage for only the assets for real-time editing, so you no longer have to overprovision SAN to accommodate production spikes.

Long-Term Archives. The Scality RING is a superior option to tape for storing digital assets once productions are complete. It provides faster access with much lower latency. And because it can run on commodity servers, you can grow archives beyond petabytes, economically, and without ever having to migrate data.


Why Scality RING for Nearline & Long-Term Archives?

  • Scales beyond petabytes at the cost of tape
  • Requires very low administrative overhead (FTE/PB)
  • Offers high resiliency with low overhead
  • Integrates seamlessly with MAM/HSM application of choice
  • Provides very high throughput to and from the SAN
  • Integrates with file workflows and supports web applications
  • Enables global collaboration between teams


Scality Nearline & Long-Term Archive Customers

  • RTL-II-thumb
  • Technicolor_logo


Scality Nearline & Long-Term Archive Partners

  • asg_logo
  • Aspera
  • filecatalyst_logo
  • sgl_logo

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Content Distribution

The age of video streaming is only just dawning. The Scality RING provides unprecedented storage capabilities for three of the fastest growing video distribution scenarios: VOD, Web video, and Cloud DVR applications.


Video On Demand (VOD). The tremendous success of Netflix and Amazon Prime is inspiring content owners such as film studios, TV networks, and service providers to offer VOD through such services. Many are also seeking to build their own origin storage or customized content delivery networks (CDNs). With the RING, you can do just that. Not only does it expand your edge distribution choices, it also greatly reduces your storage footprint, while enabling you to scale horizontally to tens of petabytes of VOD content.

Web Video. Online streaming video is growing exponentially. With the RING, streaming infrastructure applications such as Dailymotion’s can serve millions of simultaneous writes and reads, making the video services that rely on them truly web-scale, high performance, and mobile-ready.

Cloud DVR. Increasingly, cable and telco companies are embracing NPVR/NDVR (Network Personal/Digital Video Recorder), also known as Cloud DVR, as a more agile alternative to traditional DVR boxes. The RING makes an ideal choice for cloud-based video recording services. It can be deployed in geographically distributed architectures, supports high throughput over WAN, and can serve millions of concurrent users.


Why Scality RING for Content Distribution?

  • Enables content creators to stream data through multiple CDN providers
  • Is more cost-efficient than AWS S3, with no hidden bandwidth costs
  • Is more cost-efficient than CDN storage
  • Provides high throughput for streaming HD content, across many simultaneous users
  • Offers unlimited, linear scalability
  • Lowers TCO through efficient storage usage and simple management


Scality Content Distribution Customers

  • dailymotion
  • deluxe
  • rtl-2


Scality Content Distribution Application Partners

  • Anevia
  • Aspera
  • broadpeak
  • elemental_logo
  • filecatalyst_logo
  • unified-streaming_logo

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