AWS has achieved incredible traction with services such as S3 for a wide variety of cloud application and service provider businesses. However, for many service providers and enterprise corporations who require an on-premises deployment model in order to maintain control over sensitive data, for performance optimization, or for reasons of security or compliance – Scality’s new S3 Connector for the RING provides an optimal solution. The S3 Connector offers a solution that is application-compatible with AWS S3 at both the data API level and also with the rapidly evolving AWS multi-tenancy model termed IAM (Identity and Access Management). Our S3.
Scality S3 Connector

Mixed Objects Matter

Scale at Line-Rate Throughput for Demanding Web & Cloud Services    Customers consistently choose the Scality RING for: Hardware Freedom: Pure software, runs on ANY x86 standard Linux based servers High Performance: Line-rate performance, scales linearly across mixed workloads 100% Reliability: Reliability with minimal intervention at massive scale It Just Works: Production proven in most demanding environments
With 128 million monthly unique visitors (Comscore, 2014) on its website, almost 300 million of people who have seen a video through its video player monthly (sitecalatyst, 2014) and over 2.5 billion video views every month, Dailymotion is one of the biggest video platform and the most popular European site – across all categories – in the world according to comScore. Dailymotion uses Scality to store and serve those videos. Pierre-Yves Kerembellec of Dailymotion tells us why.